What do business customers want from a hotel?

October 31, 2019

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Paris Stevens

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"Increasingly, hotels are gaining revenue from business clients who look for something much different to leisure customers."

When we think of hotels, it’s easy to imagine a lush tropical beach, lined with palm trees. But there’s far more to the hospitality industry than sunbathing and cocktails. Increasingly, hotels are gaining revenue from business clients who look for something much different to leisure customers. For this group, effective hotel marketing goes beyond special offers and luxury Instagram promotions. You’ll need to have the right services they need, and market these in the right way. So what’s most important for business clients? And how should you be maximising these to the markets you work with?

Free WI-FI

Fast and effective wi-fi is crucial for business visitors, whether they’re hosting an event or simply staying for a few days to work. All hotels keen to attract business customers need to invest in their technology, as well as audio-visual services. When it comes to meeting and events, it’s even more important than the cocktails.

Room Availability

Not only do business groups often need to book large blocks of rooms, they’ll also want to ensure that rooms are of a similar size and shape. Quality assurance is an integral part of ensuring business guests return, because you’ll potentially be trying to please a large group with many different needs.


Advertise the public transport links to your property clearly on the website, so that business guests can travel there with ease. It’s also worth investing in a private shuttle service from local airports and train stations, as well as offering advice on the quickest driving routes.


Advertising good service should always be a key part of your marketing campaign, but it’s even more important when you’re targeting business guests. Rather than relaxing, they’ll be focused on speed and efficiency, so it’s imperative that you’re on top of your game as a hotel.

Business Lounge

If there’s a suitable space in your property and you don’t already have one, consider opening a dedicated business lounge. Make the room comfortable and well-stocked with snacks, newspapers and business magazines.

Catering Focus

Your kitchens will need to be equipped to deliver meals for large groups, taking account of dietary needs. Food and beverage is always a large part of the package for business visitors, so your hotel marketing should demonstrate that you can provide the variety and quality they’ll be looking for. If you’ve got a selection of bars and restaurants, think about how these can be marketed well to business customers.

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