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Campus Orientation For New Employees And Students

Whether for your company campus of college campus, our interactive and engaging orientation technology is the perfect way to welcome your new employees and students alike.

Our app has been developed with flexibility and customization in mind. With an array of cutting edge features at our disposal including interactive game screens, augmented reality and multimedia challenges, we can gamify your content and communicate it to your new recruits, graduates or students for a truly immersive and engaging orientation experience.

Scroll down to see how we use our technology to create the most engaging campus orientation experiences on the market…


Indoor & Outdoor Navigation

Use GPS mapping to send your new recruits outdoors to explore your entire campus. Team tracking, team messaging and GPS activation means you can give your new recruits a self-guided tour and engage with them every step of the way without leaving your desk!

Our indoor map functionality can be used to orientate your employees and students around specific buildings and departments to meet key staff, visit key facilities and generally feel confident about their new surroundings.

Our app has the ability to include both indoor and outdoor maps in your orientation game so users can switch easily between maps for a full orientation experience.




Augmented Reality

We use augmented reality to make your campus come to life for new recruits. Scanning images, statues, plaques or signage around the campus to trigger various multimedia to excite and engage users with your content.




Add welcome videos from your team or other multimedia that communicates your organization’s key values and culture in an engaging way. Our photo & video capture allows new recruits to upload their own unique content straight to you through the app to use for post orientation discussion or internal comms.

Get your newbies to take a photo enjoying happy hour with new friends or record a video interviewing someone in their team. The key to creating the most engaging orientation experience is encouraging new recruits to fully immerse themselves in their new surroundings and the company culture.




Example Content

Here are some great example of how we have used our app to gamify campus orientation content for our clients…

(screenshots from left to right)
A free-type text response task capture user’s feedback. We can also capture feedback using multiple choice polling too.

Photo & video capture encourages collaboration and interaction with both people and facilities around the campus.

Our social sharing function then allows them to share these photos and videos straight to their social media with predefined @s and #s.


Get Creative

There are no limits to what we can gamify and make interactive…

Compliance – integrate some of your compliance checklist into your orientation content. For example, guiding new recruits to where they need to get their security passes from using indoor map navigation and have them take a selfie with their new passes.

Company Apps & Websites – hyperlinks and websites can be embedded into our app to encourage teams to visit certain websites and download other essential company apps. Follow up with a trivia questions that they would only know after viewing that website to really see whether people are using all those essential resources you have created for them!

Collaborate – encourage teams to collaborate with others around campus by setting video and photo challenges that award points for collaboration.

Go Global – our collaboration gameplay feature allows multiple countries to participate in the same game meaning you can encourage global collaboration between campuses worldwide.



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