Workplace Orientation

The ultimate orientation tool for your onboarding program

A new approach for new recruits. Wildgoose offers Workplace Orientation Solutions that form an integral part of your onboarding program, using gamification and experiential techniques for maximum engagement.

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Using our advanced technology, we provide a unique, engaging and fun orientation solution to support your onboarding program, wherever in the world you may be. Our innovative and immersive app has been designed to gamify your orientation content; whether you’re looking to help new recruits get to know the office and local area, relocate offices, inspire with company content or help graduates settle into working life – we’ve got it covered!


Get it right and your new recruits will be 11% more productive, and 69% more likely to stay with you for 3 years (source), which is important as you probably spent $3,000 – $18,000 to recruit them in the first place!

Furthermore, our online reporting tool will give you valuable insight into the key metrics from your orientation activity for immediate or post-onboarding analysis.

  • Capture feedback from participants linked to your key learning objectives for future discussion
  • Measure the percentage of questions that teams answer correctly to highlight knowledge gaps
  • In-game analysis to track progress
  • Supporting photos and videos collated for future reference


Join our many existing and forward-thinking clients in making the right first impression for your new employee’s orientation.