Boston Scavenger Hunts

Discover the magic of the North East with a Scavenger Hunt in Boston!

A city made for getting together

Boston’s convenient location makes it easy to get everyone together. Whether you’re flying in from overseas or just coming over from New York, you’ll find that this Massachusetts city is a most welcoming host.

In the Heart of New England

Treat your team to some classic New England chowder, explore the North End or even catch a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. Boston is sure to delight your team’s sporting fanatics and culture fiends alike. Filled to the brim with rich American history and stunning architecture, Boston is a deep dive into the original 13 colonies. Explore Boston your way on your next Scavenger Hunt!

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Our flexible technology allows global teams all over the world play together in one game! Whether you have participants in London, Paris or New York, each player or team will be able to seamlessly join your activity and get involved with the fun!

250 People

We can accommodate up to 250 people per session. For groups larger than 250 people, please speak to us for options as we do have solutions.

Teams of 4-6

During the event, you will be put into groups, all playing against each other in smaller teams of 4 - 6 participants.

Why Choose Boston For Scavenger & Treasure Hunts?

Boston’s rich history and vibrant culture make it the perfect place for teams. Filled with beautiful areas, Boston offers teams an exciting setting. Get to know each other as you get to know Boston. 

Explore some of the oldest streets in the US together. Discover local pubs and bars. Along with beautiful buildings and universities. The dynamic city is sure to energize your team. Explore with GPS activities! Make use of the many venues and locations Boston has to offer. There’s no shortage of entertainment in Massachusetts’ capital!

Best Places In Boston For Scavenger & Treasure Hunts

Downtown Boston

Discover some of the most historic streets in Boston. Explore Downtown Boston as a team! Filled with famous marketplaces and beautiful architecture. Known as One of the Most Walkable Downtowns in America! What better way to get to know Boston than a scavenger or treasure hunt activity? Bar Explorer is the perfect way to get to know the Downtown Boston area. Make the most of the historic taverns and Irish pubs. Navigate the streets with our interactive app and GPS hotspots. Unlock challenges and tasks around Downtown, stopping for a drink along the way.

Beacon Hill

Explore one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in America. Beacon Hill hosts charming federal-style row homes. Complete with cobblestone streets and gas-lit streetlamps. While the cost of living ain’t cheap here, the sights are spectacular.  Where better to play Escape: The Dark Curse? Our mystical outdoor escape room. Take in the historic delight of this Boston neighborhood as a team. Find GPS hotspots via our interactive app. You’ll encounter exciting tasks and challenges along the way. Use teamwork and adventure to restore good magic to land before time runs out. This picture-perfect area will be sure to make your photo challenges stand out. Beacon Hill is a magical place for teams to break the ice!


Tucked away in historic Boston you’ll find Seaport. A thriving area famous for its technology and ingenuity. Perfect for visiting teams who are looking for a blend of old and new. Sitting between the scenic waterfront and historic Fort Point District. A perfect spot for a scavenger or treasure hunt activity! Get together in an exciting location. Explore the trendiest area in Boston! Our Space Survival activity is the perfect way to get to know Seaport. Teams can explore via GPS hotspots. Using our award-winning app, teams will navigate the streets to unlock tasks. Use teamwork to defeat challenges as you connect and engage in Seaport.

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