Let's Get Quizzical

A trivia night, but not as you know it!

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Let's Get Quizzical

The perfect addition to a team dinner or conference breakout and a great indoor alternative to a scavenger hunt.

This interactive team building activity will entertain and amuse your guests over dinner, within conference breakouts or within any indoor setting you desire. Using pre-set popular trivia categories or customized content, teams will activate questions and fun challenges using an interactive game screen.

Teams will answer questions, complete tasks and tap into their most creative side to complete photo and video challenges to earn valuable points.

A perfect icebreaker, conference breakout or over-dinner networking activity.

Maybe one for your next holidays party?

The perfect accompaniment to a dinner event with pre-set themes or customized content. An ideal way to entertain guests between courses or an informal way to encourage guests to network.

Questions, tasks and challenges…

Work as a team in between dinner courses and mingle with your guests whilst tackling a variety of questions, trivia and team challenges.

Support, planning and event management

This Tablet Quiz is available as a Fully Managed event meaning that our dedicated and experienced team will work with you before the event, to help put together your game and can also recommend a suitable venue for the start and end of your event.

On the day, our event staff will be on hand to deliver an event briefing; offer guidance and support (but no clues!) and after the event to provide an eagerly anticipated wrap up presentation.

Team Activity

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City Explorer

Explore, learn, compete – a unique, interactive team building experience which allows you to explore your chosen city.

The city streets are your playground for this team event as you get out and about to explore, learn and compete against other teams in our unique and interactive City Explorer event. Armed with our Tablet as your tour guide, this is a team-building event with an interactive twist as you work together to locate the city-based hotspots, answer questions and earn points.

All of our City Explorer events are unique to the location you’re visiting, so no two events will ever be the same, offering you the opportunity to choose a different destination for your event every time. Delve into historical happenings, identify famous people from the area and gain amazing new facts – this really is interactive learning and fun at its best!

What will you learn?

Problem Solving Skills
Logical Thinking
Discover more about our City Explorer challenge
Fully-Managed & Self-Managed Events

Self-Managed Event

If you are limited by budget then a self-managed event may be the perfect solution; packed with all the fun and engagement of our fully-managed events the only difference is you play on your own devices.

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Fully-Managed Event

An experienced member of the Wildgoose team will host your event with an initial briefing, provide support throughout and announce the final scores and winning team at the end of your event. Ideal for larger groups.

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