London British Museum, UK

London British Museum, UK Scavenger Hunts

There’s no need to bring your mummy to your event at the British Museum, because there are plenty of mummies for everyone!

Come and rummage through the weird and wonderful exhibits of the first public museum in the world – you’ll travel through time, over lands and seas, come face to face with Gods and monsters, animals and myths, as well as the odd 5000 year old bloke loitering around the corner. But watch out for that old charmer Rameses II – with over 100 kids and many MANY wives, he’s a heart breaker!

How much fun can you have amongst ancient artifacts? We’re so confident that we say satisfaction guaranteed, or you get your mummy back…

Wildgoose scavenger hunt challenges will show you what’s what in this treasure trove of objects. Our questions will challenge you to interact with the museum, whilst photo and video challenges will see you, your colleagues and friends channeling your most creative side to earn points in this competitive, fun and unique corporate team building activity.

Wildgoose are proud to offer our scavenger hunts as either a fully managed or self-managed event and will give you a unique and fun-packed way of getting your competitive juices flowing in one of the best museums in the world.


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