Portland, OR

Portland, OR Scavenger Hunts

A hub of friendly eccentricity, we will help you discover exactly why the city’s slogan is “Keep Portland Weird”. Sharing in both the grunge culture from nearby Seattle and the laid-back, west coast mentality of California, Portland is home to one of the most vibrant music, food and drink scenes in America.

Where Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain first met, where the “food van” was born and where the world famous “voodoo doughnut” resides. Now a welcoming, liberal and environmentally conscious city, under the surfaces lurks Portland’s darker past. Once known as the most dangerous port town in the world, home to saloons and gambling dens populated by gold rush miners and sailors with a reputation for organized crime and racketeering. Discover the underground network of ”Shanghai Tunnels” running below the very streets you stand upon, once used to kidnap intoxicated men and sell them to unscrupulous sea captains.

Teams will track down and unlock challenges located across downtown Portland encouraging communication, problem solving, time management & leadership skills. There is something for everyone from multi-choice to against the clock, testing general knowledge and intellect to hilarious photo and video challenges encouraging creativity and providing a great way to get to know team members better. With a live scoreboard updating throughout the event you and your co-workers will be kept on their toes throughout the most competitive and unique scavenger hunt available in Portland.

Wildgoose Events are proud to offer you the flexibility of either a fully managed scavenger hunt which includes the use of our iPads and event staff, or a self managed activity where teams will use their own tablet or smartphone.

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