Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History DC

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History DC Scavenger Hunts

Opened in 1910 to invoke discovery and education of the natural world, we’ll make sure that you and your team discover some of the most famous artifacts in the world in the most imaginative and engaging scavenger hunt in Washington DC.

Atlantic whales hanging from the ceiling, the hall of human origins and a cursed diamond are just a sample of incredible sights you’ll see at this fascinating museum as you compete against other teams to complete as much of our Museum Explorer Challenge as you can before time runs out.

Guided by our illustrated indoor maps of the museum, teams will have to scavenge and scan plaques, artwork and artifacts to unlock challenges and clues through image recognition. This event will put team’s exploration skills to the ultimate test as they become scientists, archaeologists, botanists and all-round Indiana Jones characters as they uncover the hidden secrets of the natural world we live in.

Teams will track down and unlock challenges located across the museum encouraging communication, problem solving, time management & leadership skills. There is something for everyone from multi-choice to against the clock, testing general knowledge and intellect. Our hilarious photo and video challenges encourage creativity and provide a great way to get to know team members better. With a live scoreboard updating throughout the event you will be kept on your toes throughout the most competitive and unique scavenger available in DC.

Wildgoose Events are proud to offer you the flexibility of either a fully managed scavenger hunt which includes the use of our iPads and event staff, or a self managed activity where teams will use their own tablet or smartphone.

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