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Remote Series: Beat The Screen

A remote activity with a difference. Delivered via video conferencing software but designed to encourage 30 minutes of physical activity, this unique activity includes a 30-minute microbreak to encourage participants to get away from their computer and head outdoors to complete a range of interactive photo and video challenges.* Whether participants are at home or in the office, this activity is a great way to bring your colleagues together for 60 minutes of questions and challenges that will have them working together, being creative and getting some fresh air along the way.

With 3 rounds to complete, the range of activities are the perfect combination to make sure everybody feels involved.

ROUND 1: (20 mins) 6 categories of cerebral/cryptic tasks to be completed virtually as a team to get you in the zone and putting points on the board.

ROUND 2: (30 mins) fun physical/creative photo and video tasks to get you up and about.

ROUND 3: (10 mins) A ‘Beat The Clock’ round where teams regroup virtually to complete as many general knowledge trivia questions as quickly as possible before time runs out. The perfect finale!

*Participants can choose challenges that are indoors if they would prefer not to head outdoors.

Who is this team activity for?

Virtual teams who would like to focus on improving their well-being and creative skills.

Duration: 90 minutes in total which includes the briefing (15 mins), gameplay (60 mins) and wrap-up (15 mins)

Group Size: We can accommodate up to 250 people per session, with your group all playing against each other in smaller teams of 4 - 6 participants. For groups larger than 250 people, please speak to us for options as we do have solutions.

Key Outcomes

Problem solving skills
Decision making under pressure
Improves logical thinking
Keeps remote teams connected
60 minutes gameplay
Part of our active series


Our remote challenges can be run for small and large group sizes, whether your team is made up of 5 people or 5000, Beat The Screen is the perfect solution.


Beat The Screen

$15 pp + $300 remote facilitation fee per 50 participants

How does Beat The Screen work?


The first round has each team working together, whether in person or virtually, through a video call. Team members must put their heads together to solve a variety of cryptic tasks and puzzles. Round 2 is made up of hands-on and creative photo and video tasks, for which each player can choose between an ‘Indoor Group’, ‘Indoor Solo’, ‘Outdoor Group’ or ‘Outdoor Solo’ task depending on their location and company.

Each player will score points for their submission which will count towards their team’s final score. The third and final round has players regrouping for a ‘Beat The Clock’ series of questions, where they must complete as many trivia questions as they can before the timer hits zero! Photos taken during the activity will be shared live to the ‘photo wall’ within our app, allowing teams to inspire and entertain the rest of the group as they go.

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What our clients said

Thanks so much for yesterday it was really good fun, a great way to interact with the whole team. We were impressed by how well organised it was, and particularly liked the chat rooms and then coming back into the main room for bonus points. We liked the fact the host can pop in and out of the rooms! It was great, we loved it and had so much fun

Leading Live Agency

We loved the activity - thank you so much for sharing the experience with us!! It was so well thought out and gave opportunities for engagement with all members of the team. It definitely helped to bring us closer together as a team during this difficult time and offered the perfect balance of social interaction alongside the team-building elements. Our host, Paul, was really professional and the team found his presentation clear and engaging as well as enjoying his support and encouragement throughout the activity.

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