The Ultimate

The ultimate scavenger hunt

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The Ultimate

Can’t decide on one particular theme? The Ultimate scavenger hunt provides the perfect solution.

The Ultimate scavenger hunt includes a combination of our favorite tasks and challenges from the likes of our City Explorer, Spy School, The Pitch and Street Olympics scavenger hunts. Teams are encouraged to harness their creativity and communication to complete photo and video challenges together with a series of trivia and questions. Teams will need to stay alert, as there is no way of telling what could come up next! This team challenge is guaranteed to get people working together, and having a blast whilst they’re doing it.

City streets, parks and venues are your playground and will see teams solving spy inspired tasks and reenacting the greatest sporting moments. What’s more, this theme can be completely customized to suit your needs or team objectives.

Indoors, outdoors, quick breakout activity or full afternoon activity, this is the perfect high-energy and creative solution for your group.

Questions, tasks and challenges…

Explore, learn and work as a team whilst tackling a variety of questions, trivia and team challenges. Incorporating historical and local news, interesting historical facts local musicians, bands and sports personalities, famous people, and local food and drink, this is a unique team event designed to test your knowledge.

Support, planning and event management

Our dedicated and experienced team will work with you before the event, to help put together your game to suit any time frame and any location.

All of our events can be run with remote support using your own devices or with an event facilitator and iPads.

Lets go global….

If you have colleagues or offices in other locations around the world, our multi-city option is a great way to involve and engage them. Let us know when you enquire if this is something you’d like to include as part of your event.

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