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Art Heist Escape Room

Band together and escape from an elaborate Art Heist!

You find yourself framed and locked up in the top office. Time is ticking, and the culprit is on the verge of walking free! But fear not, for salvation lies in the palm of your hand - your trusty smartphones our award-winning app. Together, let's unleash your inner Sherlock Holmes! Crack codes and uncover hidden clues scattered throughout the office as you embark on this thrilling escape mission. Not only will you hone your strategic-thinking skills, but you'll also cultivate an unrivaled spirit of teamwork. Brace yourself for an exhilarating adventure where every minute counts.

Will you and your team emerge victorious before the final second slips away? The choice is yours!

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How To Play Art Heist Escape

Interactive Challenges

Scan objects around the office using your smartphone. Our interactive app will help teams unveil clues. Use augmented reality to find important objects. Discover clues and unlock challenges along the way. Tackle puzzles and riddles as fast as possible. Unpick evidence and unravel cryptic messages. But watch out! There are curveballs around every corner. Teams will need to keep a sharp eye to beat interactive challenges!

Photo and Video Tasks

You’ll earn points for answering questions correctly. Plus, earn points for completing photo and video tasks. Use strategy and creativity to make your submission stand out. Time is of the essence, so make the minutes count! 

The aim of the game is simple. Solve clues, crack codes, and break free. This highly-spirited challenge is sure to bring out your inner sleuths!

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Remote Host

A Remote Host will kickstart all virtual, hybrid and in-person activities with an upbeat briefing (15 mins approx), provide support throughout and announce scores and winning team at the end of your event in an entertaining finale!

250-500 People

We can accommodate up to 250 people per session for remote and hybrid events or up to 500 people for an in-person event. For larger groups, please get in touch!

Teams of 4-6

During the event, your group will be put into smaller teams of 4 - 6 participants. You'll be competing against one another to encourage some healthy competition.

How can this event be delivered?

Virtual graphic


60 - 90 mins

Our virtual team activities bring remote teams together. Individual players will join via a virtual conference call where a Remote Host will guide your team as you take on immersive virtual gameplay.

What Do I Need?

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A laptop per person

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A smartphone/tablet

Hybrid graphic


60 - 90 mins

Our hybrid offering is the perfect option for teams in multiple locations. Bring everyone together with a virtual briefing from one of our Remote Hosts before taking on your activity no matter where you are.

What Do I Need?

laptop icon

A laptop per team

phone icon

A smartphone/tablet

In-Person graphic


Our in-person gameplay brings teams together in a location of your choice. Guided by an expert Remote Host, you and your team will complete your activity using your own devices.

What Do I Need?

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A single laptop

phone icon

A smartphone/tablet

Why We Love Art Heist

Art Heist is an exciting escape room event. Teams can play from anywhere in the world. It’s a fantastic way to get teams collaborating! This event offers teams an opportunity to use strategy to win. Perfect for breaking the ice and developing key skills. 

We love Art Heist because it offers teams interactive tasks at a fast pace. Work together in time-sensitive challenges that put everyone to the test.  No matter whether you’re all in the office or working remotely, anyone can join. Unite as you dissect clues and discuss theories. Art Heist encourages teams to communicate and engage, as they solve puzzles and more.

Why Art Heist is Perfect for Team Building

Art Heist is the perfect activity for building strategic-thinking skills. Teams must unite and find the best way to escape their confines! It’s all about strategy and communication. Connect and collaborate on challenges that will help you make your escape. Crack clues using our award-winning app as you work with your team. 

Players will find Art Heist offers engaging challenges that promote teamwork. Discuss ideas and deduce who the true culprit is! All before the clock runs out. The time pressure is a great way to prompt teams to work together. Nobody wants to finish the game framed! You’ll find an escape event is a perfect way to strengthen your team.

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