Winter Activities for Adults

September 20, 2022

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Chelsea Emerick

"Taking the time to connect with your team in the colder months can have an enormous impact. Providing social interaction and positive experiences is perfect for boosting morale and productivity. "

Winter can take a toll on teams. Regardless of how your team works, the winter blues can affect those in the office as much as those working remotely. Making the conscious decision to engage your employees in activities is a surefire way to boost morale. In this post, we’ve got a range of ideas to help connect your team, increase productivity and maximize engagement. Discover exciting winter activities for adults!

Activities for Energizing Teams

The colder weather can be draining and lower morale. A great way to combat the winter blues is to facilitate social connection. No matter if you’re working remotely or back in the office, an activity that is focused on team connection can make a difference. Providing your team with opportunities to interact outside of their regular duties can break up the monotony and ensure a healthy balance.

If you’re looking to energize your team, Level Up is a great option. Keeping teams on their toes, this activity offers ten levels of challenges spanning five categories. As you progress, the challenges get harder. Earning points along the way, teams must use quick thinking to develop a strategy and delegate duties. It’s a fast-paced way to boost motivation. 

Another energizing activity is Pirate’s Cove. This scavenger hunt uses an interactive treasure map for teams to follow. Unlock points and locations as you complete challenges. Teams must work together quickly to progress as far along the map as possible. It’s an exciting game of wiles and wits!

A weatherproof solution is an ultimate way to assist your team. Activities should be flexible to your needs. Adaptive to a venue of your choice, your office, or even global gameplay. Perfect for playing in the office, from home, or anywhere in between.

Activities for Promoting Strategy

Energizing teams is one thing, finding ways to promote strategy and build key skills is another. Team activities help establish the value of an employee with their wider team. Moreover, connecting global offices can be a great way to expose employees to each other’s unique skills. Winter is the perfect time to invest in sharpening your team’s strategic development skills through an engaging activity.

A Virtual Escape Room like Arctic Survival is a fantastic opportunity for strategic development. Teams must work together to survive an arctic expedition turned rescue mission. Employees must rely on each other’s unique skills. They’ll look for clues, crack codes, and search for items that will assist their survival. In this escape activity, teams will establish a leader, solve problems together and unite to plot their escape. All before time runs out! It’s a thrilling experience that can be played anywhere.

If you’re looking for a more business-focused activity, The Pitch is the perfect option. This activity asks teams to create, market, and pitch a product. Working together, employees must delegate responsibilities based on their skills. From management and marketing to design and finance, there’s something for everyone. It’s a highly engaging option for teams looking to strengthen bonds and skills. 

For the true crime fans in your office, a Murder Mystery event is another ideal way to promote strategy. Teams must work together to catch a killer. No matter if it’s on a train, in a ski resort, or at a school reunion, teams must develop a strategy and communicate theories in order to win. Examine the evidence, look for motives and investigate suspects. Employees will need to use their sharp deductive reasoning to figure out whodunit!

Team activities that promote strategy are a thrilling way to invigorate teams. Easily played indoors, they’re a great addition to any meeting or company event. 

Activities for Celebrating the Festive Season

As the year draws to a close, a great way to connect teams is through celebration. No matter how your employees celebrate the end of the year, there’s undoubtedly a team activity to suit your needs. From winter-themed challenges to on-foot festive adventures, you’ll find activities that suit everyone.

Get connected with a Winter Games activity. Using a variety of trivia questions and challenging tasks, teams will scale a mountain. As you progress through you’ll earn points along the way. It’s a race to the bottom of the mountain as you compete against your colleagues to finish all the tasks with the most points first. Don’t be fooled by the name, this activity is more than just winter sports! It’s anyone’s game with challenges that test mental agility across the board.

If you’re looking for a more traditional Christmas activity, look no further than the Holiday Social. Working together, teams will complete an array of festive tasks. From trivia questions to photo and video challenges, there’s something for everyone. Put your Christmas knowledge to the test and get into the holiday spirit. It’s the most wonderful time of the year for a Christmas-themed challenge.

For the more adventurous teams, Festive Explorer is a fantastic way to ring in the New Year. Similar to Bar Explorer, this activity has a holiday twist. Using GPS hotspots, teams will navigate their chosen location to local pubs. Answering trivia questions and completing interactive tasks along the way. It’s the perfect way to break the ice, topped off with a holiday tipple.

Winter activities for adults are a fun, productive way to engage your team. Whether it be through energizing challenges, strategically driven tasks, or simple festivities. Taking the time to connect with your team in the colder months can have an enormous impact. Providing social interaction and positive experiences is perfect for boosting morale and productivity. Close out the year on a high note by investing your time in strengthening bonds within your team. 

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