How To Celebrate Valentine's Day At Work! 7 Office Party Games & Team Building Celebration Ideas For 2023!

January 11, 2023

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Eugene Alcide

Valentines day at work

"Valentine's Day might not seem like an obvious choice when it comes to choosing a day for team building. However, Valentine's Day isn't just about love, it also represents admiration, friendship, and appreciation! This makes it the perfect time to bring your office together with party games and celebration ideas to show your appreciation to your team!"

What Is Valentine's Day?

Did you know that Valentine's day originated from a Christian feast? The day that we associate with love actually originated from a Christian martyr named Saint Valentine. The 14th of February has become synonymous with celebrating love, admiration, friendship, and appreciation across the globe and is celebrated across many cultures and is one the most significant commercial single-day celebrations.

When Is Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day takes place on the 14th of February every year and has been celebrated 1527 times since 496 AD.

7 Office Party Games and Team Building Ideas To Celebrate Valentine's Day At Work!

Let's get right into our list of Valentine's team building activities, office party games, and celebration ideas! Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show your team that you value their hard work. Check out our 7 ideas and suggestions! Our list will include:

  1. Valentine's Day team building activities
  2. Valentine's Day office party ideas
  3. Valentine's Day office games
  4. A guide on how to celebrate Valentine's Day at work

1. Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

A Valentine's Day scavenger hunt is probably one of the best games you can play with your co-workers for an office celebration. This activity will see your team scavenge for items virtually or whilst in your office as your race to take part in high-energy photo and video challenges. This game is bound to create some office fun whilst lifting your team spirit. As we said, Valentine's day is also a day of showing appreciation, so why not show your team that you value their hard work with an action-packed scavenger hunt? Play Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt With Your Team

2. Valentine's Day Trivia/ quiz

This is another one of our favorites! Valentine's Day trivia will see your team test their knowledge on all things Valentine's. Think you know Cupid? Then this game is perfect for you. Trivia games are the perfect team building activities for strengthening employee engagement and creating some light-hearted competition amongst co-workers! Why not show some appreciation to your team and create some lasting memories this Valentine's Day? There will be no sore losers in this game, just constant fun and a barrel of laughs! Play Valentine's Day Trivia With Your Team

3. Icebreaker Games

Icebreaker games are perfect for a Valentine's Day office celebration. These short and snappy games will see your team connect with each other, whilst they improve their communication whilst keeping things lighthearted.

Water Cooler will see your team take part in the office's traditional casual conversation next to the water cooler! This icebreaker game has loads of fun and entertainment prompts whilst encouraging your team to get socialising! Casual conversations are the easiest way to increase team bonding and a better understanding of each other.

Invigorate is perfect for teams who want to break the ice in person. This icebreaker game will see your team put their social and creativity skills to the test through 20 high-energy photo and video challenges! This is the perfect activity for teams who want to connect in person in the office!

Office Games is the perfect activity to create a fun environment at work. This game will see your team split into groups of 4-6 whilst they compete against each other to rack up the most points in photo and video challenges. You will also need to put your team's creative and thinking outside-the-box skills to the test! We'll give you a tip, props are important for this game and will increase your points' potential!

4. Decorate Your Office Or Virtual Workspace

Decorating your office and virtual workspace is a quick and easy way to celebrate Valentine's Day with your team! You can even go a step further and host a workspace decorative competition. For this, each of your team members will have to compete against each other to create the best Valentine's Day-themed workspace! This is great for teams who are in the office or work virtually, as you can all take part, but it's also a quick and inexpensive way of creating some fun for your team this Valentine's Day.

5. Share Your Appreciation!

Show your appreciation amongst co-workers this Valentine's Day, this could be in the form of appreciation cards, an appreciation bulletin, or an appreciation Slack channel! One of the greatest meanings of Valentine's Day is showing that you value someone, this is the perfect opportunity for you to encourage your team to appreciate their colleagues. If you all feel comfortable with it, you can have a round-up of the messages you all received and share them amongst the wider business. We recommend that you use props to create the best atmosphere if you are in the office, or if you do this virtually, we encourage you to put up some Valentine's Day virtual backgrounds as well as some props!

6. Share Out Goody Bags!

Why not put some goody bags together for your team? This idea is similar to the office secret Santa. Your team will need to put their names in a bowl and pick out a name. You will then need to put together a goody bag for the name that was picked. You can set a small budget per person or give out gift cards. If you are working virtually, you can share out virtual gifts amongst each other.

7. Valentine's Day Happy Hour!

Happy Hour and Valentine's Day go hand in hand! These games are perfect for celebrating Valentine's Day in the office with your team whilst creating a fun environment!

Pub Explorer will see your team take part in a pub/ bar crawl whilst taking on loads of energy-packed trivia activities. Get ready to explore the city streets as well as the local pubs and bars. You'll need to unlock GPS hot spots as you continue to explore the city! This game is packed full of photos, videos, and interactive challenges! No matter what your drink of choice is, this is bound to be a barrel of laughs and your team will appreciate this game!

Why Celebrate Valentine's Day At Work and In The Office?

With Zoom fatigue on the rise and the effects of the Winter/ January blues still present, this is the perfect opportunity to mix things up and do something different with your team. It's crucial that you do something rather than nothing. It doesn't need to be a large-scale event, but we advise that you show a gesture for your team even if it's very small. You'll uplift your teams' spirits which will have positive impacts on the overall teams' cohesion.

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