Treasure Hunts

Whether you’re an intrepid explorer looking for your next adventure, or a social butterfly getting your colleagues together for a fun activity with a competitive edge – our interactive treasure hunts are the perfect action-packed solution! Nothing beats the feeling of having to think on your feet, cracking a secret code or collectively deciphering a puzzle with your teammates to beat your opponents and come out on top.

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Treasure Hunt Challenges

Whether you're looking to explore your favourite city, let loose your inner 007 or make like Bolt and unleash your inner athlete; our range of interactive treasure hunts will get you and your teams out and about exploring, unlocking clues, deciphering tasks and challenges and having plenty of fun!

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Treasure Hunt Locations

The beauty of our technology is that it can be played anywhere. We've run our interactive Treasure Hunts in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America and Africa - there really is no limit! We’ve not yet made it to Antarctica, but never say never!

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