Outdoor & Virtual Treasure Hunts for Team Building

Whether they're outdoor, virtual or hybrid, treasure hunts are great for boosting energy levels and building trust in teams. Using award-winning technology, our treasure hunts are perfect for groups looking for a fun activity with a competitive edge. Nothing beats the feeling of having to think on your feet, cracking a secret code or collectively deciphering a puzzle with your teammates to beat your opponents, locate the next clue and come out on top.

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Benefits of Treasure Hunts

Live Remote Hosts

At Wildgoose, we believe our Remote Hosts provide you with an unmatched team experience. We’re proud to have a fantastic array of expert hosts who know Wildgoose inside out, and can guide you through all of our team activities.

They’ll kick-start each event with an uplifting briefing, setting the scene, and hyping up teams. They’ll be on hand throughout your experience to provide support, keep the energy flowing, and will present an entertaining wrap-up finale. Expect collaboration, lots of laughs, and most importantly plenty of fun!

Why Play a Treasure Hunt Activity?

Whether you're looking to explore your favourite city, let loose your inner 007 or dive into some action-packed suspense Dan Brown-style, our treasure hunts are designed to engage your inner explorer! We provide over 2,000 fun, interactive team events each year for 70,000 participants living in 23 different countries around the world. Our interactive challenges are designed to get you thinking!

Treasure hunts get your team on the move and having fun. Communicate and make quick decisions as you work through your activity. Collaborate on exciting creative challenges. Work together to create the perfect photo or video task submission. Explore your chosen location or venue. Get to know your colleagues’ fun sides as you connect and engage in a treasure hunt!

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