Customised Onboarding Game for Offices: A Fun and Engaging Solution

Join the Wildgoose Platform and unlock our unmatched technology for creating engaging in-person, virtual, and hybrid games. Not only does it elevate user engagement, but it also aids new employees in familiarising themselves with their new workplace.

Discover the incredible benefits of our Game Creation tool

It's effortless, just follow these simple steps...

Explore a selection of pre-designed templates that are perfect for igniting inspiration and getting things started.

Customise your template and make it your own! Add your branding, colours, and questions to really bring your solution to life.

Share your onboarding experience and see your employees actively learning, interacting, and engaging. It's a great way to foster a welcoming environment!

Let's amp up employee orientation!

Create an exciting and interactive app-based onboarding experience that efficiently introduces new hires to your business. Take them on a virtual tour of your office, local area, and campus, guiding them through a seamless settling-in process while providing insights into key locations.

Boost Employee Engagement

Boost your onboarding with challenges tailored around education, social, and cultural growth objectives.

Strengthen Culture & Values

Reinforce your company's culture so everyone stays connected to the same mission.

Connect Remote Teams

Helping employees feel connected towards a shared company identity is a breeze with an app that can be accessed anywhere.

Boost Team Interaction

Spice up the workplace by encouraging employees to mingle with their co-workers.

Gather Employee Feedback

Collect valuable feedback through interactive multiple-choice questions and challenges on a regular basis.

Orientate Employees

Encourage employees to explore your campus while communicating key points of interest and compliance topics.

Track Progress

Understand your employees better with data analytics that uncover valuable insights into workplace interactions.

Raise Awareness

Promote your company's fundamental principles and initiatives through an engaging app experience.

Boost engagement with tailored rewards

Motivating employees can be a challenge, but personalised game rewards make it easier than ever. With our solution, you can send challenges directly to their phones upon completion of certain tasks, providing a fun-filled way to boost participation & drive results! Timely rewards, tailor-made for your team members, will keep them motivated and engaged.

Roll out your onboarding solution in minutes

No need to wait for months or coordinate with your IT team. Our process is simple: build, launch, and go. We believe in the power of simplicity, which is why our app and desktop admin are intuitive and user-friendly. Anyone can understand them!

Get ready to see progress in real-time

Take control with our comprehensive dashboard, offering real-time insights into employee activity. Activate additional features and challenges to drive engagement, all accessible at your fingertips. Stay informed with our streamlined interface, effortlessly monitoring key metrics and engagement levels.

Affordable Onboarding: Simplify Your Process and Save Money

Why shell out a fortune on complex onboarding software and upkeep? With our cost-effective approach, you can streamline your process and lower your expenses. Say goodbye to steep bills and hello to an easier way of doing things.


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