Our Story and The People That Keep It Going!

18 years delivering award-winning activities

At Wildgoose our aim is to bring people together through tech to share experiences that are fun, purposeful and make work and life more memorable. From humble beginnings back in 2003, Wildgoose has grown into an award-winning events company and market leader of employee engagement. Alongside a growing number of licensees and partners across the globe, we specialise in bringing people together through a range of virtual, hybrid and in-person team activities. Our founder, Jonny Edser, launched Wildgoose from a small office just outside of London and now has a fully remote team of over 35 dedicated and experienced employees, both across the UK and USA!

Powered by powerful tech

Thanks to our immersive tech, we’re making team building accessible, engaging and fun for everyone. During 2020, we delivered over 1,700 virtual events to teams all over the world using our interactive content and flexible, budget-friendly solutions. We measure feedback through our app and have a rating in excess of 90% of clients being ‘blown away’ or ‘exceeding their expectations’. Pushing the boundaries in the realms of event design, content, technology and customer service, Wildgoose is one of the most respected and innovative team event companies on the planet.

Our Values. A Workplace that is engaging

Creating a business that provides the Wildgoose Team with a workplace that is engaging, professional and fun is really important to us. Whilst our rapid growth has been an important part of our success, we never want to lose sight of our small business roots and want to maintain our unique family orientated culture as we continue to grow.

Our GOOSE values guide us in everything we do - from making business decisions and hiring new employees to running our day-to-day activities.

G - Go for It

We have a ‘can do’ attitude and are passionate about growth and realising our potential.

O - Offer Support

We encourage and support the Wildgoose family, inspire each other and help make every day fun and worthwhile.

O - Open & Honest

We treat others as we wish to be treated - with openness, honesty, fairness and compassion and always aim to do what’s right.

S - Strive for Success

We exceed expectations, delight clients and our colleagues and aim to continuously improve.

E - Expand Horizons

We are bold, think big, think out of the box and play a part in leading the way.

Our Vision

Our booking platform, together with our Annual Pass subscriptions, will revolutionise the team building market by providing flexible, budget friendly events at the touch of a button. No lengthy booking process or costly event management, we’re all about fun virtual, hybrid and in-person team activities without the fuss!

Our Team

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Jonny Edser, Managing Director & Founder
Peter Barker, Operations Director
Gemma Scholz, VP Business Development (North America)
Steve Smith, Chief Product Officer
Sam Perry, Ruby on Rails Developer
Jess Sullivan, Junior Ruby on Rails Developer
Corin Pye, Product Designer
Steve Batcup, Ruby on Rails Developer
Niall O'Donnell, Full Stack Developer
Scott Purcell, Junior Product Designer
Paris Stevens, Head of Marketing
Anneka Nicholls, Digital Marketing Manager
Paul Lancaster, Head of Events
Emily Drake, Head of Product Development
Robert Holmes, Product Development Executive
Cilie Lennartz-Nuttall, Product Development Executive
Rachel Davis, Operations and Event Manager
Shelly Henderson, Senior Sales Team Manager
Nick Hume, Business Development (SaaS)
Andy Yates, Chairman
Priya Taylor, Director
Jane Edser, Director

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