We've got the tools to empower you to create an immersive and gamified orientation experience like no other!

Want to design a unique orientation experience? Join the Wildgoose Platform to unlock unparalleled technology to create engaging in-person, virtual, and hybrid games. Seamlessly blend tech and custom content to engage students or employees with interactive gameplay. Explore new campuses or local areas with challenge-based tours.

Discover the incredible benefits of our Game Creation tool

It's effortless, just follow these simple steps...

Explore a diverse selection of pre-designed templates that are perfect for igniting inspiration and getting things started.

Customize your template and make it your own! Add your branding, colors, and questions to really bring your solution to life.

Invite your audience to witness and join your orientation solution. Experience the engagement, interaction, and exploration of your vibrant campus!

Let's make campus exploration an exciting and enjoyable experience!

Create an exceptional and captivating experience that enables students or employees to discover your campus, get acquainted with important locations, and connect with their peers.

Boost engagement

Improve your campus experience for student and employee success. Utilize time and achieve goals to ensure retention and achievement!

Create a vibrant campus culture

Connect students and employees to vibrant campus offerings that define your school or workplace. Dive into traditions, explore history, and immerse in local culture.

Highlight campus offerings

Create the ultimate guide, showcasing the top dining spots, must-attend events, and convenient campus safety routes.

Collect valuable feedback

Get valuable feedback from students or employees to assess your initiatives and make informed decisions.

Promote social gatherings

Assist students and employees in finding new friendships and connecting with peers to ensure a sense of belonging and eliminate feelings of isolation.

Track progress

Understand your employees or students better with data analytics that uncover valuable insights.

Available at all times

Your orientation experience is always accessible, 24/7. This means you won't need to worry about staffing or scheduling tours.

Fundraising game

Leverage our platform to create an engaging fundraising game that generates funds for your institution.

Create captivating experiences for employees and students

Our platform equips you with the necessary tools to create an orientation experience that will successfully accomplish all your objectives.

Student Tours

Assist students at open days and student fairs, guiding them to key locations effortlessly.

Orientate New Starters

Help new hires and students get to know your campus

Campus Events

Promote special campus events to encourage attendance

Fundraising Initiatives

Develop captivating fundraising games to effectively raise funds

Encourage connection and engagement

Gamified experiences are an excellent educational tool to engage students and faculty members alike. Why not harness the power of "fun" to welcome new students or employees to your campus? And better yet, you can organise competitions among faculty members to showcase their knowledge and expertise. It's a win-win situation that'll make learning experiences fun and enjoyable - something everyone can learn better from.

Motivate and reward

A simple way to elevate engagement is by delivering rewards to participants' mobile phones when they complete challenges during your gamified experience. This reinforced incentive not only drives motivation but it also allows you to track players' progress effortlessly. By providing an interactive and fulfilling experience, you can cultivate happy, engaged players with continued excitement. And that's what sets your game apart- an environment for easy learning and retention.

Roll out your orientation solution in minutes

No need to wait for months or coordinate with your IT team. Our process is simple: build, launch, and go. We believe in the power of simplicity, which is why our app and desktop admin are intuitive and user-friendly. Anyone can understand them!

Get ready to see progress in real-time

Our dashboard provides complete control of your gamified experiences and lets you see how students or employees are advancing, the challenges they're conquering, and all game information. Plus, it's pretty darn user-friendly if we do say so ourselves!

Simplify Your Process and Save Money

Why shell out a fortune on complex orientation software and upkeep? With our cost-effective approach, you can streamline your process and lower your expenses. Say goodbye to steep bills and hello to an easier way of doing things.


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