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Wildgoose are the leading provider of corporate events worldwide, and we’ve got this far because companies trust us to make things happen for them. Our corporate solutions include onboarding events and activities, product launches, office relocations and conference ice-breakers and interactive games. We keep doing what we are good at, and successful companies keep on coming to us for more fun and innovation with that crucial ROI.

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Why Choose Us For Corporate Events & Activities?


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Benefits of Wildgoose Corporate Events & Activities

Live Remote Hosts

At Wildgoose, we believe our Remote Hosts provide you with an unmatched team experience. We’re proud to have a fantastic array of expert hosts who know Wildgoose inside out, and can guide you through all of our team activities.

They’ll kick-start each event with an uplifting briefing, setting the scene, and hyping up teams. They’ll be on hand throughout your experience to provide support, keep the energy flowing, and will present an entertaining wrap-up finale. Expect collaboration, lots of laughs, and most importantly plenty of fun!

Why Play Corporate Events & Activities?

Our range of virtual, hybrid and in-person team experiences run across the globe, from indoor to outdoor corporate events, lasting from a couple of hours to an entire day. If you are limited by budget, your event can be self-managed, and the difference is that you use your own devices. Or you might prefer us to remotely manage the event, especially if there is a large group. You then just hand everything over to the experienced Wildgoose team who will host the event and provide support fully remotely — right from the conception of the idea to providing the tangible ROI after the event.

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