Halloween Team Building Activities

Celebrate Halloween by engaging your team with an exhilarating activity. Strengthen team bonds and foster a joyful atmosphere with our exciting Halloween event suggestions.

Our range of options will help you 'creep it real' as you break the ice and collaborate. 

Experience exciting team building solutions using our expert Remote Ghosts, available globally! Ignite conversations and strengthen relationships among your remote and in-person teams this spooky season. Our activities are the perfect addition to office Halloween parties or meetings. Unite, have fun, and celebrate while boosting team dynamics. Join the pumpkin-filled buzz today!

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Benefits of Halloween Activities

Best Halloween Team Building Activities

Looking for an exciting team-building activity this Halloween? Look no further! Our immersive Virtual Escape Rooms are the perfect way to unite your team and add a thrilling twist to your day. Get ready to unlock codes, solve clues, and race against the clock in our captivating Murder Mystery events. For an outdoor adventure, try our GPS-guided Outdoor Escape Room with location-specific tasks. Whether you're together or apart, our chilling activities are designed to strengthen team bonds and celebrate Halloween in style.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt: Halloween Edition

Virtual Hybrid

Bring your team all the treats (and no tricks) this Halloween. Our frightfully fun virtual scavenger hunt activity will give everyone ‘pumpkin’ to talk about!

45 mins

Trivia Challenge: Halloween Edition


BOO-st your team's spirits with our Halloween Trivia Challenge! Play through 12 rounds of ghostly trivia and high-energy photo and video challenges.

45 mins

Manor House Murder

Virtual Hybrid

A school reunion has ended in tragedy. With a murder investigation underway, you must tune into your detective skills and find the killer!

90 mins

Escape: Zombie Apocalypse

Virtual Hybrid

A virtual escape room with a (un)deadly twist. As the clock ticks down, it’s your mission to solve a series of brainteasers and escape a zombie apocalypse in London, England!

45 mins

Art Heist Escape Room

Virtual Hybrid

You’ve been framed for an elaborate art heist. While the real thief walks free, it’s up to you to unravel the clues and make your escape in a race against time!

60 mins
90 mins

Murder On The Slopes

Virtual Hybrid

Deadly disaster strikes on a fabulous ski trip, but could it be murder? Gather evidence and rule out suspects before the trail runs cold!

90 mins

Murder on the Train

Virtual Hybrid In-Person

The body of a wealthy tycoon has been discovered and the killer is still on board. Solve this heinous crime before the train reaches its final destination!

90 mins

Arctic Survival Escape Room

Virtual Hybrid In-Person

An arctic expedition turned rescue mission. You must crack the code and escape the freezing conditions before it’s too late!

60 mins
90 mins

Escape: The Dark Curse


A land befallen by dark magic needs help! Your team must re-discover your magic skills to lift the curse in this thrilling outdoor GPS adventure.

120 mins

Live Remote Hosts

At Wildgoose, we believe our Remote Hosts provide you with an unmatched team experience. We’re proud to have a fantastic array of expert hosts who know Wildgoose inside out, and can guide you through all of our team activities.

They’ll kick-start each event with an uplifting briefing, setting the scene, and hyping up teams. They’ll be on hand throughout your experience to provide support, keep the energy flowing, and will present an entertaining wrap-up finale. Expect collaboration, lots of laughs, and most importantly plenty of fun!

Spooktacular Reasons to Engage in Halloween Team Building Fun!

Celebrate the spooky season and strengthen team bonds with our exciting range of team building activities. Our diverse challenges bring employees closer together, fostering communication and skills development. Boost team morale and have a blast along the way! Halloween presents the perfect opportunity to dive into thrilling Murder Mystery or Escape games, guided by our Remote Ghosts. Prepare for an unforgettable adventure while connecting and uniting your team.

Gather your finest companions in the office and unleash your collective brilliance as you decipher codes, search for clues, and more. Enhance your meetings by incorporating engaging activities that break the ice and cultivate vital skills. Catch a cunning killer using your strategic-thinking abilities and embark on interactive photo and video challenges that ignite your creativity. Assign tasks and responsibilities based on your teammates' strengths, establish roles, and designate leaders as you navigate the activity. A Halloween game is the ultimate catalyst for bringing teams together!

Join us for an immersive experience that combines team building, fun, and Halloween thrills. Explore our captivating activities that will leave a lasting impression. Boost team collaboration and create unforgettable memories with our engaging and interactive Halloween games.

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