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Trivia Challenge: The Original

Are you ready for an activity full of excitement, laughter, and friendly competition? Say goodbye to the mundane Zoom meetings and hello to an exhilarating virtual adventure!

You and your team will engage in high-energy trivia challenges all through an award-winning app on your smartphones. This isn't just a game; it's an opportunity to bond with your teammates, learn new things, and create lasting memories.

Here's what's in store for you:

  • Short-burst trivia games that will test your knowledge and quick thinking skills in a fast-paced environment.
  • Exciting and entertaining photo and video challenges that are guaranteed to bring plenty of laughter!
  • A chance to win bragging rights as the Ultimate Trivia Champion!

🏆 Are you ready to take up the challenge and emerge as the Ultimate Trivia Champion? 🏆

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How To Play Trivia Challenge: The Original

Engaging Team Challenges

Play from any location. Including your chosen venue or home! Use your smartphone to answer questions and complete challenges. Working in teams to decide the best answers. The aim of the game is simple, you want to win maximum points!

Score The Most Points

Score as many points as possible before you run out of time! Team strategy is the key to winning this challenge. Players must communicate and work together. All whilst racing against the ticking clock!

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Remote Host

A Remote Host will kickstart all virtual, hybrid and in-person activities with an upbeat briefing (15 mins approx), provide support throughout and announce scores and winning team at the end of your event in an entertaining finale!

250-500 People

We can accommodate up to 250 people per session for remote and hybrid events or up to 500 people for an in-person event. For larger groups, please get in touch!

Teams of 4-6

During the event, your group will be put into smaller teams of 4 - 6 participants. Teams will be competing against one another to encourage some healthy competition.

How can this event be delivered?

Virtual graphic


45 mins

Our virtual team activities bring remote teams together. Individual players will join via a virtual conference call where a Remote Host will guide your team as you take on immersive virtual gameplay.

What Do I Need?

laptop icon

A laptop per person

phone icon

A smartphone/tablet

Hybrid graphic


45 mins

Our hybrid offering is the perfect option for teams in multiple locations. Bring everyone together with a virtual briefing from one of our Remote Hosts before taking on your activity no matter where you are.

What Do I Need?

laptop icon

A laptop per team

phone icon

A smartphone/tablet

In-Person graphic


Our in-person gameplay brings teams together in a location of your choice. Guided by an expert Remote Host, you and your team will complete your activity using your own devices.

What Do I Need?

laptop icon

A single laptop

phone icon

A smartphone/tablet

Why We Love Trivia Challenge: The Original

Customers would love playing a virtual trivia challenge team building activity because it is a fun and engaging way to bring people together, even when they are apart. It provides an opportunity for teams to come together virtually in an entertaining and creative way, allowing for collaboration and communication that encourages everyone to get involved. The game also promotes problem-solving skills, as teams need to work together to find the answers. Furthermore, a virtual trivia challenge team building activity helps foster relationships between employees or customers by creating an atmosphere of camaraderie while at the same time providing an opportunity for learning through trivia questions that relate to the company or industry. Finally, it is a great way for organisations to build their brand by giving customers and employees an exciting experience that brings them closer together and allows them to have fun while doing something meaningful.

Why Trivia Challenge: The Original is Perfect for Team Building

Hosting a virtual trivia challenge is an ideal choice for team building in any company. Not only does it offer an enjoyable and engaging experience, but it also fosters collaboration across teams and departments. Through this interactive activity, employees can connect and compete in a friendly environment, encouraging knowledge-sharing and problem-solving. Additionally, it's a cost-effective and easily set-up alternative to traditional team building events. A virtual trivia challenge boosts morale, fosters camaraderie, and minimizes disruption to busy work schedules.

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