The 6 Best Corporate Events Ideas & Days Out For Teams! Virtual & Covid Safe Options!

November 18, 2022

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Paris Stevens

"Whether your corporate event is a conference, a team get-together, an office party, a virtual meet-up, or a regular catch-up – we have suggested some great activities that can make your event that extra bit special and something colleagues will remember and value for a long time!"

What Are Corporate Events?

Corporate events have never been so important for any business. Getting colleagues and teams together can make all the difference in the modern working world, especially when new ways of working can make colleagues feel more remote.

What Are Corporate Days Out?

Traditionally company corporate days out may have revolved around a conference to share company updates, celebrate successes, and present core values, mission, and vision. However, as the world of work has evolved, so have corporate events. There are now so many ways that colleagues can come together. Everything from fun corporate events, to virtual corporate events, to outdoor corporate events ideas – there are lots of creative and innovative ways to grow morale and build teamwork to make your business blossom.

Activities can be used as an icebreaker for a meeting to help people to know and understand each other more, right through to becoming the main focus of a great corporate event for hundreds of people.

Here are our top 6 best event ideas so that you can have a great corporate day out (or day in) together!

1. Up For The Challenge

Working together as a team to overcome challenges and achieve something together can form the basis of the best corporate event ideas. Gone are the days when paintball or laser tag were your only options. Interactive team quizzes, escape rooms, treasure hunts, solving mysteries, top secret spy missions, and team survival games – if you are up for the challenge there are plenty of team-building activities to liven up any corporate event and meet-up. The beauty of a good challenge is that it can get teams active and working together, both in and out of the office, and complement any corporate event. Of course, these days getting the whole team together can be a big challenge in itself, so there is also a range of virtual corporate event ideas and challenges that mean that colleagues don’t miss out wherever they are. Check out office games.

2. Learning Together

Learning a new skill or creating something new together can in turn create a fun corporate event idea and real team bonding. From painting to pottery to poetry, from cooking to cocktails to candles, from dancing to singing to laughter to comedy… Learning together and making something together can make for a great experience. As Benjamin Franklin so aptly put it: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

3. The Great Outdoors

There are plenty of fresh and fun outdoor corporate event ideas to get you out in the fresh air. Working together to solve clues with an interactive treasure hunt around the location of your corporate event is a great idea. Fast cars or go-karting can make for a fast and furious corporate day out. For the water babies, kayaking and canoeing can whet their appetite. If you want to reach some impressive heights, climbing or abseiling corporate may be the best corporate event. Or getting sporty by watching or playing your team’s favorite game. Getting out and about can be a great corporate event idea. Discover the best outdoor team building activities.

4. Seasoned Professionals

Corporate experiences can change with the seasons. There is nothing like getting in the Christmas holiday mood with some festive-themed challenges. Or getting spooked together around Halloween. Or enjoying some indoor team games and activities or getting outdoors in summer.

5. Corporate Events For Good

Looking after colleagues, the people around us, and our planet are things no modern business can ignore. So some of the best corporate event ideas can combine these important themes. Planting trees together, relaxing yoga or mindfulness or de-stressing sessions, going back to nature and camping out together, volunteering and supporting charities – all things that can make a real difference.

6. Virtually The Ideal Solution  

Virtual corporate experiences have grown significantly over the last few years and have the following key advantages:

-   Anyone can join in anywhere – and not miss out on a great experience together.

-   They are very flexible so can form part of outdoor, indoor, hybrid, and remote corporate events.

-   They are very cost-effective, which means they can suit any budget.

-   Events can be delivered at a time to suit you for as many people as you want.

Final Thoughts

There is a whole range of virtual corporate event ideas, from 30-45 minute ice breakers to longer interactive experiences for hundreds of people. As the world has changed, so have corporate events and there are so many great activities that can really make your day. If you want even more great corporate event ideas and experiences then explore our full list of activities to suit any event here.

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