Millennial 20/20 Panel with Lucinda Bianchi

March 10, 2017

Paris Stevens

Our General Manager of North America, Lucinda Bianchi, discussed how best to engage with the millennial market at the Millennial 20/20 summit in New York. Read all about her insights here… 

How has the millennial voice evolved over the past 5 years, if at all?

Five years ago social media was providing millennials with a relatively new platform for their voice. Over the last few years, technology has turned this platform into a powerful vehicle to enable their voice to not just be heard but to also prompt significant changes in the way we communicate, do business and consume.

Millennials are far more in charge of their own learning and development today, using social media and technology as a way to learn on their own terms and so have become far more knowledgeable across multiple areas, millennials know more and demand more, so it’s inevitable that their voice has evolved this way too.

What questions are clients most frequently asking you or are concerned about?

ROI is always the first question and a must for any client, especially when facilitating brand engagement. The biggest concern in the past was always budget-to-tech trust – they like what they see, they know they need to embrace new technologies and they can see the ROI, but there was always a risk that the tech might let them down.

Today we see a lot more trust in technology and the concern has shifted to ‘Is this the right technology for us?’ With so many technology platforms able to serve so many purposes, the first question we always ask our clients is ‘What is your purpose?’, to make sure that we know that choosing our technology really meets their objectives at the point of investment.

What’s next for engaging with/selling to millennials?

Moving from experiential to transformative – delivering experiential events that are not just ‘great experiences’ but great experiences that have moved people, prompted discussion, contributed to something significant and developed people in some way. Using technology with purpose and moving beyond the brand to tell a story, share an ethos and create a movement – this will continue to be the most important way to engage with this leading generation especially in the current political landscape.

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