Our Top 5 Olympic Host Cities

August 05, 2016

Paris Stevens

Treasure hunts news our top 5 Olympic host cities

05 August 2016 | Keeley Knight 

This year we celebrate the 27th summer Olympic Games, in non other than the colourful, lively hub of Rio de Janeiro. We are a well travelled bunch here at Wildgoose, having hosted events all around the world. Which got us thinking about some of our favourite Olympic host cities, read on to discover our top five…

What’s not to love about this thriving city? Not only was Sydney 2000 a celebration of exactly 100 years since women were allowed to participate in the games, it was also  a raving success in the eyes of the global media. ‘These games will go down as being one of the most successful events on the world stage’ – The Times, London. Not only did they celebrate the success of equality for women, but is was the first time that North and South Korea united and marched together. These were the games that quite literally brought everyone together.

The most expensive ever staged, the Beijing games were seen as the most extravagant and gave China the opportunity to showcase it’s growing wealth and power. The games exposed 400 million school children to ‘Olympic Values’. It was also the games that Michael Phelps and his American team mates set a world record taking home a staggering eight gold medals – still a record that’s yet to be beaten. Go Phelps!

Hailed the Olympic Games that set the standard for all future olympic host cities.  Only 10% of the Olympic budget went on a new stadium, the rest of the funds went on improvements such as transport, housing, irrigation and reshaping the sea front. This was the first year that pros could play the Olympics, with the USA creating a men's basketball team full of the biggest names in the NBA. Even to this day, this team is thought to be the greatest sporting team ever created.

We couldn’t miss out the home team! London 2012 showcased legends and even saw The Queen jumping out of a plane with James Bond! The year Murray finally beat Federer in a final! As well as Mo Farah winning gold not once, but twice! Building and hosting the games during a time of tough recession and economic instability across the globe, the games shone a light upon the nation during a shadowy period.

We simply could not forget to include the mother country of the games! Home to the first ever Olympic games hosted in the 8th Century B.C. in honour of the greek god Zeus.  The introduction of the modern Games in 1896 has seen countries at war unite and encourage global unification and equality. Athens will always be our number 1!

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