The 12 Best Corporate Holiday & Christmas Party Ideas For The Office

October 26, 2022

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Paris Stevens

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"Christmas has always been a time to celebrate with friends and families but also a chance to reflect back on a year at work with your co-workers."

Embrace the Holiday season with the best corporate party ideas

Throughout the highs and lows of the working year, Christmas is a chance to celebrate those successes, and look forward to building on them in the year ahead. Embrace some seasonal cheer with your co-workers and discover 12 of the best holiday parties for work and the office!

When is Christmas?

Christmas is celebrated every year on December 25th, but office celebrations tend to start as early as late November and can run into early January for those industries that are busy during December. But how do you celebrate the magic of the festive season with a holiday party for work and the office? 

Why celebrate Christmas & the Holiday season with your team?

Celebrating the holiday season with your team is a great way to come together and rejoice at what you have achieved during the year. It will help improve morale, bring your team together, encourage people to get to know each other, and score you points when it comes to setting a great company culture. It's also the perfect way to thank you team as we head to the year-end.

But what to plan? Fear not as we have our top 12 ideas for you:

1. Virtual Christmas Trivia Challenge

There’s nothing that brings teams together more than a team building activity - celebrate Christmas with a quick-fire, high energy challenge that will encourage teams to have some fun, test their festive knowledge, and get creative.

2. Festive Treasure Hunt

For those teams that are in the office together, why not head outside to enjoy a GPS festive themed challenge around your chosen town or city? A great way to get competitive, enjoy some fresh air, and maybe even stop in a bar or two along the way! With plenty of festive trivia and creative photo and video challenges to complete, will your team come out on top and claim the title of ‘champions’?

3. Wreath making

A creative activity like wreath making is a lovely way to bring your team together either virtually or in person, with the added benefit of giving your team members something to take home with them! Bring in an expert to help with the technical side, or post out kits for your team to do at home over Zoom.

4. Watch a festive movie

With a glut of festive movies to choose from, you could put on a classic holiday feel-good movie like Home Alone, or something more old-school like National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation. Either way, hosting a movie evening with drinks and food is a surefire hit to get you in the mood for the festive season. 

5. Cocktail making

Who doesn’t like a cheeky tipple over the holidays? Whether it is with or without alcohol, cocktail making is a creative task that will teach your team some new skills that they can impress their family and friends with over the Christmas break. Bring in an expert or deliver it over Zoom as a virtual experience.

6. Enjoy a healthy Christmas lunch

With rising healthcare costs always at the forefront of everyone’s minds, why not treat your employees to a healthy office lunch with a festive twist? Often associated with overindulgence, use this as an opportunity to show your team how the holidays can be a healthy time of year with lovely wholesome food that won’t have you heading to the gym in the New Year. 

7. Set up a Christmas Slack Channel

For those teams that use Slack, setting up a holiday channel is a great way for employees to share film suggestions, party ideas, funny stories, and gifs. A team that has fun together, and works well together!

8. Create a ‘Festive wall’ of fun and tips

Why not bring some smiles into the office with a holiday-themed wall where staff can add their best Christmas photos, top tips, and hints for a successful Christmas? Pick a time for staff to talk through their contributions and share their ideas.

9. Collaborate on a Christmas party playlist

Whichever music streaming service you use, why not ask your team to contribute 3 of their favorite songs and then create a playlist that you can share with the team and have playing in the office? This a great way to get to know the music tastes of your team and create plenty of talking points!

10. Play a virtual game of guess the Festive movie

On your next virtual team huddle, why not ask team members to share with you their favorite Festive movie with a Youtube clip of the trailer? Using a template like this you can add in their video clip and then play them to the team and they will have to guess who likes which option. You can play this over a few days leading up to the holidays and it is a great way to get to know your team better as well!

11. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Christmas is the perfect time to get your team together for a scavenger hunt and our Virtual Festive Scavenger Hunt is a great option for some high-energy fun with your virtual team. This activity is guaranteed to create the perfect office vibe during your holiday office party.

12. Festive Escape Room

Who doesn’t love an escape game? And this festive-themed one is a perfect 45-minute virtual activity to do together. With the aim to escape Santa’s workshop, this is the perfect activity to get staff members working in teams with the aim to try and escape with the most amount of points possible. Failure to escape and be locked in Santa’s workshop forever (which doesn’t sound too bad!).

Need more inspiration? Check out our 10 Best Holiday & Christmas Office Party Games and spread some festive cheer for 2023!

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