Team Building Scavenger Hunts (Virtual Options Available)

Whether you’re an intrepid explorer looking for your next adventure, or a social butterfly getting your colleagues together for a fun activity with a competitive edge – our interactive scavenger hunts are the perfect action-packed solution! Nothing beats the feeling of having to think on your feet, cracking a secret code or collectively deciphering a puzzle with your teammates to beat your opponents and come out on top.

Using award-winning technology, we specialise in unique location-based scavenger hunts using a versatile and interactive app designed to engage, motivate and provide insight. We want your team to go back to work with higher energy levels, an improved mood and higher self-esteem.

Challenges That Thrill

Whether you're looking to explore your favourite city, let loose your inner 007 or dive into some action-packed suspense Dan Brown-style; our range of interactive scavenger hunts will get you and your teams out and about exploring, unlocking clues, deciphering tasks and challenges and having plenty of fun!

Scroll down to explore the challenges we can assign you and let the adventure begin...

Remote Series: Team Social - Let's Get Quizzical

Our Team Social Challenge was designed to replace the after-work social, encouraging teams to let their hair down and have a laugh! Hosted by one of our Event Managers, this quiz is a fun and stimulating virtual get-together that will lift spirits wherever you are.

Remote Series: Virtual Art Heist Escape Room

Based on the popular escape room challenges, this 60-minute, virtual activity, hosted by one of our remote Event Managers, will put your problem-solving skills to the ultimate test. Working in remote teams, will you be able to crack the code before time runs out and you're framed for an Art Heist?

Remote Series: Virtual Murder Mystery

Join forces with your remote colleagues and become lead investigators in our Murder Mystery challenge. Are your detective skills sharp enough to examine the evidence, find a motive and catch the killer? 

Locations To Excite

We provide over 2,000 fun, interactive team events each year for 70,000 participants living in 23 different countries around the world. Our interactive challenges are designed to get you thinking! The beauty of our technology is that it can be played anywhere. We've run our interactive Treasure Hunts in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America and Africa — there really is no limit! We’ve not yet made it to Antarctica, but never say never!

Take a look at our most popular locations below...

New York

New York City is jam-packed with awe-inspiring sights.


Boston, a city crammed as full of delicious history and heritage as one of its famous lobster rolls.

New Orleans

Nicknamed “Nola”, New Orleans bursts at the seams with colors, melodies and a ‘joie de vivre.’

Success Stories

Here at Wildgoose we cater to many a weird and wonderful brief, that's why we're really pleased to share our range of awesome case studies with you.

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