Supercharge the fun factor and amp up visitor engagement at your tourist destination

Are you looking to build your own app-based solution to elevate visitor engagement at your attraction? Join the Wildgoose Platform and unlock our unmatched technology for creating engaging in-person, virtual, and hybrid games. Simplify the process, save time, and leverage our collection of ready-made templates to effortlessly achieve your goals.

Discover the incredible benefits of our Game Creation tool

It's effortless, just follow these simple steps: 1, 2, 3...

Explore a diverse selection of pre-designed templates that are perfect for igniting inspiration and getting things started.

Customize your template and make it your own! Add your branding, colors, and questions to really bring your solution to life.

Publish your game and delight your visitors with an immersive experience. Sit back, relax, and watch as engagement skyrockets!

Elevate your visitor experience

Create an unforgettable and interactive app-based experience at your destination, captivating visitors with immersive challenges, tasks and games

Increase Visitor Engagement

Make sure your visitors have an enriching and fulfilling experience while they're at your destination.

Highlight Key Areas

Discover and share essential landmarks, hidden gems, and highlights of your destination, ensuring visitors have the best possible experience.

Interactive Education

Discover the captivating history, exhibits, and brand of your destination through interactive education that engages and entertains visitors without a dull moment!

Drive Revenue & Footfall

Direct visitors to food & beverage outlets, new exhibits or areas of commercial interest

Increase Social Media Engagement

Boost your social media engagement by encouraging your audience to share photo challenges and fun tasks


Experience a convenient and flexible self-guided adventure that's available 24/7. Feel free to dive in and let the app take care of the rest.

Augmented Reality

Elevate your destination experience with immersive augmented reality challenges that captivate visitors and foster engagement.

Measurable Insights

Keep a close eye on visitor engagement, unveil exciting new features and challenges, and interact with your customers whenever needed.

Versatile technology

Our game creation tool and app are perfect for creating a tailored customer experience in your venue, zoo, museum, or hotel. You'll have all the tools to navigate visitors seamlessly through your destination.


Your very own Museum Explorer - imagine that!


Provide guests with a fun activity to explore your grounds


Create your own game to delight corporate and leisure guests


Create team activities for your Meeting & Events guests

Keep visitors connected and engaged

Get your visitors engaged and transform their experience with our game-changing Wildgoose app! Pack your experience full of challenges, fun activities, and rewards to help your visitors explore your destination like never before. You can sit back and relax while the app handles everything and automatically tracks their progress.

Encourage and incentivise your visitors

Adding rewards is a great way to enhance your game. These incentives can be easily redeemed via your visitors' phones when they complete their challenges. Customize and create rewards tailored to your visitors' interests, allowing them to further engage with your content. From discounts and freebies to personalised experiences, make sure you give your customers something extra special that will keep them coming back for more!

Increase your social impact by boosting sharing

High-quality photos have a greater likelihood of being shared, liked, and reshared on social media platforms. By creating interactive photo and video challenges that captivate your audience, you can produce the engaging and compelling content your visitors crave. This not only motivates them to share within their networks but also increases the awareness and visibility of your attraction. As your content spreads organically, it expands your reach and potential impact, establishing a stronger presence on social media.

Get ready to see progress in real-time

The comprehensive dashboard empowers you with full control to view updated visitor activity and activate additional features and challenges, which can be displayed to visitors at anytime. This cutting-edge tool provides a seamless and streamlined experience for users, making it easy to stay on top of key metrics and engagement levels.


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