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A picture of multiple lightbulbs that describe the processes and benefits of critical team building

The Best Problem-Solving & Critical Thinking Team Building Activities, Games & Ideas! Virtual & In-person!

Check out the best team building activities that challenge your team to improve their problem-solving and critical thinking skills!

Young business people toasting each other and celebrating in an office.

5 Virtual & In-Person Happy Hour Ideas & Games For The Office

Make your next work happy hour one to remember! Bring your team together to unwind, have fun and socialize together. Check out our list of virtual and in-person happy hour ideas.


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Team in Santa hats celebrate a holiday in a modern office and take a selfie with a smartphone.

6 Holiday & Christmas Icebreaker Games For Work & The Office

Spark fun conversations and team bonding during your office holiday party with these festive icebreaker games and questions.

Chinese new year

How To Celebrate The Chinese & Lunar New Year At Work! 8 Lucky Office Games & Celebration Ideas!

With 2023 just around the corner, discover the 8 best ideas on how to celebrate Chinese New Year at work & in the office!

Santa with headphones on

The Most popular Christmas Song in Every State

Check out our latest study of the most popular Christmas songs by US states! Our study is guaranteed to enlighten you! We even have some Christmas party planning tips!

The 6 Best Corporate Events Ideas & Days Out For Teams! Virtual & Covid Safe Options!

Get the best ideas to make your corporate days out fun and engaging! Create lasting memories with your team today!

Group of young business people discussing and smiling sitting at meeting table.

The 7 Best Ideas, Games & Activities To Make Team Meetings Fun & Engaging!

Make meetings fun and memorable whilst bringing your employees together with these helpful team meeting ideas.

Picture of a man in a suit, holding a piece of paper that says "elevator pitch"

Team Building Activities, Games & Ideas For Sales Teams, Meetings & Training Sessions!

Interject some energy into your sales meetings whilst your department gear ups for a productive week!

Group of young people wearing Santa hats, clinking their glasses

The 10 Best Holiday & Christmas Office Party Games For 2023

Check out our 10 holiday games for the office. They'll be sure to create fun and festive memories for your team this winter.

Festive video call via laptop on sofa. Black gift box on keyboard.

The 5 Best Virtual Holiday Party Ideas & Team Building Activities For Work in 2023

Boost your end of year celebrations and get in the festive spirit with our virtual holiday party ideas.

Team sat around Thanksgiving dinner table.

The 5 Best Fun Thanksgiving Office Party Games For Work In 2022: Virtual, In-person & During Covid

Show your co-workers your gratitude with these virtual and in-person Thanksgiving office games.

Aerial view of a group of people sitting around a table on their laptops, wearing Santa hats

The 12 Best Corporate Holiday & Christmas Party Ideas For The Office

Get together with your team and celebrate the magic of the festive season with the 12 best holiday party ideas for work.

Halloween props sitting on a table.

The 8 Best Halloween Office Games: Virtual, In-person & During Covid

Get inspirational ideas for the best Halloween themed office games to play with your team!

Picture of carved pumpkins during Halloween

The 12 Best Halloween Office Party Ideas For Team Events

Embrace the thrills with your co-workers and discover 12 of the best Halloween office party ideas!

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