Virtual Escape Room Team Building Activities

With remote and hybrid working virtual escape room models here to stay, we understand that teams need to stay connected. That’s why we’ve created some of the best virtual escape rooms to be played remotely, via our Mobile Adventures app, no matter where you are in the world. Packed with clues, puzzles, augmented reality and more, our virtual escape room challenges are designed to test your problem solving skills whilst incorporating the excitement of a traditional escape game.

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Benefits of Wildgoose Virtual Escape Rooms

Live Remote Hosts

At Wildgoose, we believe our Remote Hosts provide you with an unmatched team experience. We’re proud to have a fantastic array of expert hosts who know Wildgoose inside out, and can guide you through all of our team activities.

They’ll kick-start each event with an uplifting briefing, setting the scene, and hyping up teams. They’ll be on hand throughout your experience to provide support, keep the energy flowing, and will present an entertaining wrap-up finale. Expect collaboration, lots of laughs, and most importantly plenty of fun!

Why Virtual Escape Rooms For Team Building?

Our virtual escape rooms are the ultimate remote team challenges designed to test your logical thinking and assess your problem-solving skills. With a huge variety of puzzles, codes, tasks and questions with varying levels of difficulty, our virtual escape rooms will have you and your colleagues racing against the clock to escape and reign supreme. Working together in groups, you’ll be scored on the speed of your answers and how quickly you can decipher the clues! Lead your team to victory and be the first to escape in our virtual escape room challenge!

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