Virtual Murder Mystery

Our virtual murder mystery team building activities are a great, alternative way to add intrigue and excitement to any event. Designed to increase team bonding and communication, they are ideal for team away days, corporate events, and groups of all sizes.

Virtual Murder Mystery Team Building Activities

Whether you fancy yourself as the next Sherlock or Miss Marple, our virtual murder mysteries have something for everyone (or should we say every detective?). We use augmented reality and plenty of creative, problem-solving tasks to bring the suspense and interaction of a traditional murder mystery game to life. From scouring the crime scene and investigating witnesses to solving puzzles and piecing together the evidence, teams will be up against the clock to unravel the case and figure out whodunnit.

Choose Your Murder Mystery Team Building Activity

Hosted via our award-winning app, our murder mystery challenges will get everyone working together and channelling their inner detectives. No matter what mystery theme you choose, you can guarantee your colleagues are in for a fun, exciting challenge with a twist!

Murder On The Slopes

You're on an exciting skiing trip when a deadly disaster strikes…This ‘chilling' virtual challenge will see you and your team racing against the clock to gather evidence and rule out the suspects in the hunt for a cold-blooded killer!

Murder on the Train

All aboard! Our Murder On The Train challenge transports you back in time to solve a murder case on the tracks. Can you and your fellow detectives outwit the killer onboard and solve this heinous crime before the train reaches its final destination?

Manor House Murder

Join forces with your co-workers and become lead investigators in our Murder Mystery challenge. Are your detective skills sharp enough to examine the evidence, find a motive and catch the killer? 

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