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Passive revenue, right in your pocket

Once set up with the Wildgoose platform, you’ll receive a 15% revenue share (as a very minimum) from all client bookings - even though it hasn’t cost you anything to get started! From there, there’s plenty of opportunity to grow this revenue and increase your share (up to 70%) by upgrading to our Professional or Enterprise packages.

But don’t worry if you're on our Lite package, you’re never locked in - and you can upgrade to one of our paid plans at any time!

Savings your clients will love you for

Our team building activities are up to 50% cheaper than other team activities on the market, which means that you’ll be the hero that saves clients money in their event budget. The way we look at it, saving your client money on the team building element will either reduce their overall event cost (hero!) or they'll have more money to spend with you on other event components like F&B (hero again!).

Activities that convert new business

If you’re looking for innovative ways to drive new business, then our booking platform is the perfect solution. The flexibility of the platform means that you can absorb the cost of our team building activities rather than have clients pay directly, and use the games as a conversion tool. Offer something unique, gain competitive advantage and generate $000’s in new business.

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