Around The World Challenge

Travel the globe without stepping outside...

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Around The World Challenge

A unique, interactive challenge which allows you to travel the world without ever leaving the indoor location of your choice.

A perfect indoor team building activity which allows you to work  your way around the globe from your chosen location.  Armed with our interactive app as your passport and guide, it’s down to you and your globe trotting teammates to virtually visit a number of countries and activate the ‘hot spots’ in order to complete a range of local, national and international challenges to earn points.

Will you hit the Haka highs in New Zealand, locate the Pharaoh’s treasure in Egypt and identify the tiny island in the Gulf of Thailand? Or will you get stuck in Antartica trying to find Captain Scott? Only time will tell…

Questions, tasks and challenges…

Teams will be sent on a worldwide mission unlocking tasks and challenges using our interactive world map and image recognition.

Support, planning and event management

The Around The World Challenge can be played on your own devices or with a dedicated event facilitator and iPads for each team.

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