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Arctic Survival Escape Room Challenge

Experience the ultimate test of your survival instincts in Arctic Survival! Your team's thrilling arctic expedition has taken an unexpected turn, putting your focus squarely on one thing: survival. Join forces with your teammates to brave the freezing conditions and unlock vital resources using our interactive smartphone app. Discover survival items and crucial clues to aid your escape. Stay sharp, employ strategy, and rely on teamwork to stay alive. Do you and your team possess the skills needed to make it out of the Arctic? Let's find out!

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How To Play Arctic Survival Escape

Crack The Clues

During your journey, your team will discover an abandoned hut. Look for objects and clues. Crack the code that unlocks the generator cupboard. You must do whatever it takes to get the power running and call for help. Teams will need to stay sharp to find important items and work out their location!

3 Interactive Levels

Arctic Survival offers three levels of interactive challenges. Discover clues with augmented reality. Unlock key audio clips. There's no telling what the harsh conditions will unveil!

Use your smartphones and our award-winning app to complete tasks. Teams must be careful and quick! In order to survive, you must complete challenges before time runs out.

The aim of the game is simple, get to the hut and call for help. Has your team got what it takes?

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Hosting Options

A Remote Host will kickstart all virtual, hybrid and in-person activities with an upbeat briefing (15 mins approx), provide support throughout and announce scores and winning team at the end of your event in an entertaining finale!

250-500 People

We can accommodate up to 250 people per session for remote and hybrid events or up to 500 people for an in-person event. For larger groups, please get in touch!

Teams of 4-6

During the event, your group will be put into smaller teams of 4 - 6 participants. You'll be competing against one another to encourage some healthy competition.

How can this event be delivered?

Virtual graphic


60 - 90 mins

Our virtual team activities bring remote teams together. Individual players will join via a virtual conference call where a Remote Host will guide your team as you take on immersive virtual gameplay.

What Do I Need?

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A laptop per person

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A smartphone/tablet

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60 - 90 mins

Our hybrid offering is the perfect option for teams in multiple locations. Bring everyone together with a virtual briefing from one of our Remote Hosts before taking on your activity no matter where you are.

What Do I Need?

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A laptop per team

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A smartphone/tablet

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60 - 90 mins

Our in-person gameplay brings teams together in a location of your choice. Guided by an expert Remote Host, you and your team will complete your activity using your own devices.

What Do I Need?

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A single laptop

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A smartphone/tablet

Why We Love Arctic Survival

Arctic Survival combines the thrill of an escape room with the drama of an adventure. Teams are encouraged to display their unique skills as they band together when they become lost in the arctic. Filled with an immersive story, this virtual survival game requires strategy and focus. The nature of the activity drives players to be responsive as challenges present themselves.

We love Arctic Survival because it tests employees' ability to communicate and delegate. Quick decisions must be made as a team in this chilling activity. Discussion and planning are key in ensuring survival. It’s up to the players to navigate their way to safety. As teams work their way through Arctic Survival trust is built through communication.

Why Arctic Survival is Perfect for Team Building

Creating a strategy and communicating as a team is vital in Arctic Survival. Teams must be able to work together in order to complete this survival challenge. Over the course of three interactive levels, players will use augmented reality to crack codes, find clues and complete tasks. 

It’s simple, stay alert and stay alive. Players must anticipate risks and come together to find a solution that ensures their survival. This immersive activity is flexible to your needs. Perfect for gameplay in the office or across remote teams. Bring your employees together in an exciting escape challenge that promotes strategy and teamwork.

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