Case Studies

Lucknam Park Case Study

The Brief:

We were contacted by a private client looking for a fun, entertaining activity for their 30th wedding anniversary party. They had hired Lucknam Park Hotel & Spa exclusively and were looking for an activity to entertain their closest family and friends. The client wanted an activity/game that could incorporate content about their life including their wedding and other landmark events. The activity was to take place in the morning around the grounds and inside the hotel. 

The Challenge

Having sent a demo to the client, so that they could familiarise themselves with the content and to have a go using the app. they decided that they would write some of their own, bespoke content, making the activity as personal as possible. The great British weather was also a concern, so the client wanted to ensure that there was a good balance of indoor and outdoor content.

The Solution:

We developed a fully bespoke ‘celebration package’ where the client designed 60 of their own questions – all completely bespoke and personal to them and their family and friends – with questions about them, their family, their children and their 30 years of marriage! 
Following concerns about the weather, we opted to use an image of the family on the main game screen rather than a map of the location, this enabled the client to decide in the day, whether to use any of the outdoor space as part of the activity.

The Results:

On the day, the entire group were split into mixed teams and played alongside people they were less familiar with. This allowed them to socialise and break the ice with family members they wouldn’t know or hadn’t seen for a while. The teams all started at different locations around the hotel and during the activity, they navigated their way around the grounds – inside and out thanks to the fine weather – including the hotel’s secret garden and spa. Using the photos and videos supplied by the client meant that the wrap-up presentation at the end of the activity resulted in a great deal of emotion and humour, with tears of joy and laughter in equal measure!

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