The most romantic cities to visit this year

February 03, 2017

Paris Stevens

February 2017

With the weather remaining bleak and forecasts of February not looking much better – we’re comforted by the fact that we know there’s a silver lining: February is the month of love. For all those hopeless romantics out there we’re happy to share that if you can look beyond the weather, this month is bursting with plenty of romantic travel potential…

From Rome to Moscow, London to New York, new experiences beckon!

After talking to our well-traveled operations team, we’ve curated a wanderlust-inducing list of destinations for the year ahead. It’s time to explore…

New York

Anyone who has tried to get anywhere in Manhattan knows that it’s a place for walking. The vitality, energy and hum each adding to the excitement. This amazing city lends itself to the couple who love to wander and have within them the spirit of adventure! With hidden restaurants and boutiques on every corner, this is not a place for those wanting a ‘relaxing’ ‘Google Maps free’ break! Be sure to make a pit-stop on your travels -hidden on the Upper East Side is Andre’s Cafe – a romantic Hungarian bakery that has the most delicious cakes!

Best time to go: Spring, when the city is the perfect temperature to walk around without getting too hot or too cold!


This colourful capital has plenty to commend beyond its multi-coloured cathedral, particularly the food scene – be sure to check out those famous dumplings!

A photographer’s dream, with an abundance of extravagant architecture including The Kremlin, The Garden of Fallen Statues, St Basil’s Cathedral and much more – it’s the perfect place to explore.

Best time to go: Winter, snuggle up and brave the freezing temperatures because Moscow in the snow is a city like no other!


What could be more romantic than a city break in Amsterdam?! Home to canals, clogs and tulips – this Dutch city is beautiful all year round.

Charming yet compact – Amsterdam is packed full of culture and architecture! A romantic stroll down the elaborate Seventeeth-century canal system whilst stopping to admire the incredible architecture will leave you breathless (in a good way)! It’s no wonder that this bright, vibrant and cosmopolitan city is one of the most popular destinations in Europe.

Best time to go: All year round!


There’s so much to do in this city – we recommend you plan in advance… With The Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, and Pizza – you’ll get your dose of culture all in one trip. Steeped in history and packed with awe-inspiring fine art – there’s nothing quite like an ‘evening in Roma.’

Best time to go: June – the start of the summer season is the perfect time to visit Rome – enjoy outside dining and drinks in rooftop bars.


We couldn’t write this blog post without mentioning the capital of love – Paris! Visitors to this city are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding where to stay, what to do and of course where to eat! With an abundance of palace hotels and grand apartments decked with shimmering curtains and brocades – this really is the city to head to if you’re looking for a lavish getaway. We say head to La Bourse et La Vie – discreet and modest – but a definite hidden gem. You’ll thank us once you’ve tried the cheesy gougeres!

Best time to go: Paris is beautiful in the autumn months when the leaves start to fall.

And on that note, we’re off to check out the latest snaps from a recent event in Portugal – talk about well travelled!

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