Team Building in the Healthcare Sector

August 06, 2021

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Paris Stevens

team of healthcare professionals

"Fun team building activities with measurable results are essential, setting the foundation for a positive working culture and encouraging resilience."

We know extraordinary teamwork is happening in the healthcare sector 24/7. Healthcare workers are often called heroes, simply because we’re all in awe of their dedication. The problem is that we assume heroes will be OK, when in fact they are human beings who need continuous support. If this is overlooked, they’ll face burn-out and team conflict under pressure, just like any other team.

A positive working culture

This is a sector where people’s health depends on the skill, knowledge and accuracy of a team. It’s vital that these professionals feel appreciated and rewarded; the high levels of stress and pressure can be a lot for anyone to take. Fun team building activities with measurable results are essential, setting the foundation for a positive working culture and encouraging resilience.

Focus on (their own!) health and wellbeing 

It’s important to get together in person when you can. Spending time away from your workspace can help to relieve feelings of stress that your staff may be facing. If your team is looking a bit withered and jaded, then you need to get them out and about with some vitamin D on their skin! 

The Urban Explorer is a scavenger hunt-style activity where your staff race through the streets of a town or city while using an interactive app to complete a challenge. There are photo and video tasks along the way and they can encourage each other via a live scoreboard and ‘photo wall’. We even offer a fully-managed option so that we do all the hard work for you, briefing the team and answering any questions they may have.   

A hilarious comedy caper

If your staff have been under pressure lately, laughing together can be just what the doctor ordered! And there are so many immersive theatre dining options available across the UK. Actors will entertain and interact with the diners while they enjoy delicious food and one or two drinks. 

A holiday in the Caribbean

Well, OK, this might be what your team wants, but logistically...that’s tricky. If your staff are working from home or they are spread across the country or globe, then book them tickets on our Around The World Challenge — without any travel involved. The brilliant thing about virtual events is that you can visit 22 countries across 40,000 virtual miles while putting your team’s creativity and collaboration to the test! No time for boredom here and your team will get a healthy dose of laughter too, as prescribed. 

Tea and sympathy... 

A hot drink and chat in a staffroom is always good for team bonding, but if your team is working from home, that human connection in their day is missing. Organise regular coffee dates online to combat this. If team members have crazy working hours, this can be done at any time to suit them (you just might want to switch the dose of caffeine to a glass of wine in the evening if they aren’t still working!). There are also virtual coffee courses that deliver ingredients to each team member. The Well Grounded coffee mocktail workshop donates 100% of the profits to helping vulnerable adults get jobs, so you can have fun while donating to a good cause.

...or danger, glamour and intrigue

Whether your staff members are working in an office, hospital, clinic, or in their own home, we have just the team building activity to get them all laughing together. Art Heist Escape Room is an activity that has been designed to be played by team members while hybrid working. This activity will test your team's quick decision-making and logical thinking under pressure. It’s not quite the Thomas Crown Affair when you’re sitting at home in tracksuit bottoms, so feel free to dress the part! 

There are so many areas in the health sector, from medical professionals and carers to those working in finance or marketing. Many of these professionals have to interact and work with each other, without fully understanding the role of the other. Team building activities provide a chance for different departments and people to interact and have some much-needed fun! If you’d like to see the team building solutions we’ve organised for other healthcare companies, take a look at our case studies

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