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February 23, 2024

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Paris Stevens

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"Corporate ice breakers are like the silver lining of those big, cloud-heavy meetings and induction sessions. Before you get down to serious business, a bit of casual fun can set the tone for a more open and engaging interaction"

When it comes to kicking off a corporate meeting or building camaraderie within your team, the concept of "let's just dive in" can often be a sink-or-swim scenario. Hear me out — skipping those crucial ice breaker team activities is like a movie that starts straight with the climax; sure, it's exciting, but you've missed the character development and the reasons to root for the hero. That's what ice breakers do; they make the story worth telling and the challenges worth conquering.

So, if you're a team leader looking to foster strong working relationships or an HR professional wanting to inject a little fun and collaboration into your workplace, this one’s for you! We're diving into the world of ice breaker activities — those on-the-surface, beneath-the-ice interactions that build a foundation your team can stand on, or better yet, work on together. Here are some top picks for corporate ice breakers that are more than just breaking the silence; they're about melting those initial awkward moments into a pool of potential and possibility.

The Importance of Ice Breaker Activities in Corporate Settings

Corporate ice breakers are like the silver lining of those big, cloud-heavy meetings and induction sessions. Before you get down to serious business, a bit of casual fun can set the tone for a more open and engaging interaction.

Picture this: it's Monday morning, and your remote team is logging in for a virtual conference. They're scattered across different time zones, barely awake, and already fighting a battle against the dreaded 'meeting fatigue'. Now, what if, instead of jumping straight into the Powerpoint presentations, you start with a simple but effective ice breaker — say, a quick round of online Pictionary or sharing a 'weekend highlight' story. Suddenly, you've shifted gears from 'ugh, another meeting' to 'alright, let's do this together'.

Ice Breaker Activities for Team Building

Whether you're combining teams for a project, welcoming new members, or just hit a rut in your regular communication, team-building ice breakers can be a game-changer. Here's a list of our go-to ice breakers that not only loosen up the atmosphere but also give a peek into the personalities within the room.

Office Games

A high-energy activity perfect for the office environment!

Bring your colleagues together with our high-energy office games. These short, engaging activities are perfect for companies who want to do something fun and energetic without leaving the office!

Made up of spades of interactive photo and video challenges that can be played in any order, this fast-paced activity will see teams getting creative, thinking outside of the box and having plenty of fun. Players will compete in teams of 4-6 and will be awarded points based on their ingenuity, creativity and ability to find and use the best props they have available. The winning team will be the one with the most points!

Virtual Connect Icebreaker

A virtual icebreaker designed to help remote teams collaborate and form meaningful connections.

Spark creative conversations and get different teams collaborating! Connect is packed with fun questions and photo and video challenges which encourage sharing between colleagues. It’s perfect for boosting engagement in a meeting or mid-week huddle! Participants will complete questions and challenges using our Mobile Adventures app. This game is hosted online via video conferencing software.

Virtual Cooler

A virtual icebreaker spin on the office water cooler conversation! Connect with colleagues and boost morale through fun, social challenges.

This speedy icebreaker uses a series of entertaining prompts and challenges to get remote and hybrid teams socialising! Take part in fun, casual conversations whilst building relationships and increasing team bonding. This game is hosted online via video conferencing software, and is played on either a laptop or computer.

Group Scavenger Hunt - The Ultimate

We've put our most exciting tasks into one activity, it’s The Ultimate challenge!

Using your smartphone and our interactive app, teams will explore their location of choice to find GPS hotspots. These hotspots will unlock challenges you’ll complete as a team to win points. From trivia questions to photo challenges, it’s anyone’s game!

Ice Breaker Activities for Collaboration

Once you've broken the ice, it's time to get down to business. These activities are all about taking that newly established comfort and using it to build a collaborative and communicative team.

Team Building Exercises and Games

Here, you're taking teamwork to the next level with activities that require strategic planning, like building a tower out of office supplies with limited resources or the Marshmallow Challenge (using spaghetti, tape, string, and a marshmallow to make a structure).

Role-Playing Scenarios

This could be a mock P.I.T. (Problem Identification and Resolution) session, having 'clients' present a fictional problem the team needs to solve. This not only requires technical skill but encourages embracing new roles and perspectives.

Problem-Solving Challenges - The Escape Room

Band together and escape from an elaborate Art Heist!

You’ve been framed and locked up in the top office. Break out before the culprit walks free! Use your smartphones and our award-winning app to assist your escape. Crack codes and hunt for clues around the office. Develop strategic-thinking skills and promote teamwork in the process. Earn points along the way.

It's up to you and your team to bust out before time runs out!

Trust-Building Activities

The infamous trust fall or its milder cousin, the trust lean, are excellent towards the end of your series of ice breakers, once you've established some initial trust in the group. It's a more literal but equally powerful expression of having each other's backs.

Benefits of Ice Breaker Activities

Ice breakers aren't just about fun and games (though, those are a big part of it!). They serve a deeper purpose, offering a myriad of benefits that extend well past the activity itself.

Breaking the Ice and Creating a Positive Atmosphere

Starting a meeting or event with an ice breaker immediately makes the setting more relaxed. It's a signal that while the work is important, it's also okay to have fun and enjoy the process.

Encouraging Communication and Collaboration

Through structured activities, participants are prompted to talk and work together in ways they might not naturally during everyday work tasks. This encourages a stronger, more open form of communication and the desire to collaborate.

Building Trust and Rapport Among Team Members

When you share a laugh or solve a problem together, a sense of camaraderie forms. Trust and rapport are vital parts of a team's success, and ice breaker activities lay the foundation for both.

Enhancing Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills

The unspoken challenges within ice breakers encourage thinking outside the box, boosts problem-solving skills, and fosters a spirit of innovation and creativity.

Tips for Successful Ice Breaker Activities

Don't dive in head-first without a plan; setting and theme are key to ensuring ice breakers are effective and well-received.

Consider the Size and Composition of the Team

An ice breaker that's perfect for a small, close-knit team might not work for a larger, more diverse group. Ensure your activity provides equal opportunity for participation and enjoyment.

Choose Activities That Align With the Team's Goals and Objectives

If the purpose of the ice breaker is to build trust, make sure the activity requires participants to rely on each other. Be mindful of any team dynamics or political considerations that might influence your activity choice.

Create a Safe and Supportive Environment

The key to a successful ice breaker is creating an environment where all team members feel comfortable participating. Ice breakers should never put anyone on the spot or make them feel uncomfortable. They should be a choice, not a requirement.

Reflect on the Activities and Gather Feedback for Improvement

After the ice breaker, take a moment to reflect on what worked well and what could be improved. Solicit feedback from participants, and use that information to adapt and refine future ice breakers.


Ice breaker activities possess the superpower to morph a bunch of individuals into a crack team, ready to tackle what lies ahead. They're not just about fun; they're about crafting a shared experience, delving into quirky personalities, and paving the way for collaborative triumph. Next time you're gearing up for a meeting or event, remember to sneak in an ice breaker — it's not just a time-killer; it's a team-maker.

So, have I managed to charm you into giving ice breakers a whirl?

To elevate your corporate bash, ensure these activities sneak into your plans. And on the topic of planning — don't fret about conjuring up the perfect ice breaker from scratch. I've got a little something up my sleeve for you.

Why not hop online and book your ice breaker activity now, kickstarting your team on a journey of shared hurdles and victories? Because let's face it, every epic team deserves an epic start.

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