Sheffield Treasure Hunts

Attention all lads and lasses! South Yorkshire's historical gem is calling your name!

Where else can you find the world's oldest football club? That's right, Sheffield boasts not only one but two of the oldest football clubs in the world.

But wait, there's more! Sheffield is home to some incredible talent such as the great Sean Bean and the legendary athletes Jessica Ennis and Sebastian Coe.

Once an industrial powerhouse, this city has transformed into the UK's latest arts and culture hub! Don't miss out on exploring the unique museums, mesmerizing art galleries, and historical streets.

What are you waiting for? Come on down and join the team building fun in Sheffield!

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What makes Sheffield an ideal location for treasure hunts and scavenger hunts?

Welcome to Sheffield, the green gem of the UK that isn't just all about steel! Did you know that this northern city has the highest tree-to-people ratio in the country? That's right, nature thrives here and it's the perfect place for any team of outdoors enthusiasts to bond and build. Plus, with one third of Sheffield being located in the Peak District National Park, there's no shortage of natural wonders to explore.

But that's not all. How about enjoying team building activities while delving into Sheffield's rich cultural history? This city boasts two of the world's oldest football clubs, as well as hosting the World Snooker Championship at the famous Crucible. Music buffs and pub crawlers can also soak up Sheffield's vibrant musical scene, which gave birth to iconic acts such as Pulp, The Arctic Monkeys and The Human League.

And if you're looking for a fun and exciting team building activity, why not go on a treasure hunt in York? Our personalised team building events are a great way to explore all that Sheffield and York have to offer. With access to activities through smartphones and a designated team captain to answer your questions, you and your colleagues can solve clues and riddles while getting to know each other even better.

Explore the city's hidden gems by embarking on a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt!

Sheffield City Centre

Are you up for an adventure in Sheffield? The city is brimming with stunning landmarks that are nothing short of a treasure. The Millenium Gallery, the 12th century Sheffield Cathedral, and the impressive Victorian architecture are just some of the places that make the city centre worth exploring. But what if we told you that there's more to Sheffield than meets the eye? A treasure hunt game Sheffield style might be the perfect activity for explorers looking for a unique adventure. With Sheffield treasure hunt team activities, you can discover hidden gems, secret pathways, and intriguing stories that you won't find in any guidebook. Our Urban Explorer treasure hunt Sheffield experience is a fantastic way to get to know the city's character better. You'll have to use your problem-solving skills, wits, and creativity to uncover clues, solve puzzles, and complete challenges. The best part? You'll enjoy all of this while having fun with your friends or colleagues. Don't forget to visit Sheffield's famous sites during your treasure hunt. The Crucible Theatre, home to the annual World Snooker Championships, is a must-see for sports enthusiasts.

Kelham Island

Located within walking distance of Sheffield city centre, Kelham Island was once a former industrial heartland with a rich history of steelmaking. Today, the neighbourhood has been transformed into a hub for food and drink enthusiasts, with a wide range of independent cafes, restaurants, and bars. If you're looking for budget-friendly team building activity, our pub explorer in Kelham Island is highly recommended. This lively neighbourhood is bursting with businesses and establishments that were once industrial spaces, making it the perfect place for exploring and discovering hidden gems. One must-visit location in Kelham Island is the Kelham Island Museum, where you can learn about the history of steelmaking and the industrial revolution. But that's not all - Kelham Island is also home to many other landmarks, such as the iconic Fat Cat pub, a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. If you're up for an adventure, we recommend going on a self-guided Sheffield treasure hunt in Kelham Island. With its creative and cultural scene, this neighbourhood is the perfect location for a fun and engaging treasure hunt game.


Hillsborough is more than just football, although that, and Sheffield Wednesday, is probably what it is best known for. One of its main attractions is Hillsborough Park, a large public park covering over 100 acres. Easily reached by public transport from the city centre it could make a nice alternative to a hectic city centre team building day out. The park is popular for walk and could be a great spot for a team treasure hunt. It also hosts music festivals and community events so take this into account when planning your corporate outing. Hillsborough’s Middlewood Road and Bradfield Road are full of independent shops and businesses and has a wonderful community spirit that is unrivalled in other parts of the city. If you want to feel like you’ve been enveloped in a neighbourly hug during your visit to Sheffield then this is the place to go.

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