London West End Treasure Hunts

Flashbulbs are a’poppin, nightclubs are a’hoppin, names are a’droppin – welcome to the glitzy downtown of the West End!

Otherwise known as TheatreLand, this is the playground of the thespian types, right in the heart of London. It’s not uncommon to see some very famous faces crossing Leicester Square or Covent Garden on their way to their evening job at one of the world famous theatres that dot the roads round here.

The tree-lined streets and pretty piazzas are always humming with life. If you’re looking for inspiration and activity, you’ve come to the right place! It’s where the cinemas play host to the star-studded premieres, and where tourists come in their masses to enjoy the cultural heart of the city. Keep an eye out – you never know who you may spot going incognito amongst the throng!

Wildgoose treasure hunt challenges welcomes you to this vibrant area, and as you power through the crowd, you’ll be presented with questions and tasks to test your knowledge and intellect. Photo and video challenges will see you, your colleagues and friends channelling your most creative side to earn points in this competitive, fun and unique team-building activity.

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Explore, learn, compete – a unique, interactive team building experience which allows you to explore your chosen city.

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Score as many points as possible before you run out of time!

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