Nottingham Treasure Hunts

Pull on your green tights and stick a feather in your cap as you head to Nottingham, the home of the famous outlaw Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men.

A team building treasure hunt in Nottingham takes in all the sights of this compact, historic city, from the airport – itself named after Robin Hood – to the castle and the football stadium.

Using our innovative, award winning GPS-based app pre-loaded onto a tablet, you’ll answer questions and complete tasks which test your knowledge as you explore the city.

Photo and video tasks captured throughout the day will see you and your team channelling your most creative side to earn points, before you get together for a wrap up presentation hosted by our experienced staff.  

Every one of our team building treasure hunts and events is bespoke and we’ll work with you to understand what will be the most effective activity for you and your team. As the leading providers of employee engagement events and team activities worldwide, organising more than 2,000 interactive team events worldwide each year, you’re in safe hands.

Our top events in Nottingham

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Explore, learn, compete – a unique, interactive team building experience which allows you to explore your chosen city.

Spy School

Cryptic messages, secret codes and covert missions –  all features of this exciting Spy School challenge.

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Fully-Managed & Self-Managed Events in Nottingham

Self-Managed Event

If you are limited by budget then a self-managed event may be the perfect solution; packed with all the fun and engagement of our fully-managed events the only difference is you play on your own devices.

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Fully-Managed Event

An experienced member of the Wildgoose team will host your event with an initial briefing, provide support throughout and announce the final scores and winning team at the end of your event. Ideal for larger groups.

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