Team Building Activities to Overcome Team Challenges at Work

October 24, 2019

Anneka Nicholls

Team building activities common workplace challenges

How to overcome challenges in the workplace

Even with the best will in the world, every workplace is bound to encounter employee engagement issues at one time or another. Whether it’s a lack of communication, outdated leadership styles or low morale, it’s important to approach these challenges with the right team building strategy. So here’s our top five team building activities and how they can help with common workplace problems.

1. Team Away Day

Great for: Improving communication and problem solving skills.

Struggling with strengthen bonds within your team? This virtual challenge is designed to combat those pesky communication barriers that can easily occur in the workplace. Using a variety of interactive challenges, your colleagues will have to work together and communicate effectively in order to progress and earn more points. Team Away Day is particularly effective for remote and hybrid teams, and encourages everyone to work towards one common goal. Remember, there really is no I in team!

2. Manor House Murder

Great for: Promoting creative thinking and collaboration.

There’s nothing quite like a mystery to bring everyone together. Manor House Murder is the perfect challenge to get your team thinking on the same page (or should we say witness statement)? This immersive, tablet-based game brings problem solving and idea generation to life as your team unlock and examine key evidence, video tasks and trivia questions. Explore the crime scene using our interactive map, collect points and be the first to catch the killer.

3. Water Cooler (Icebreaker)

Great for: Networking and improving social skills.

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t an icebreaker as you know it! If you’re looking for an activity that will get your people up and about and talking to each other, then Water Cooler is a fantastic choice. Teams will be put to the test as they work their way through entertaining prompts and challenges. Icebreaker fan or not, this modern day version will be sure to encourage laughter and great conversations!

4. Level Up

Great for: Increasing productivity and morale.

Your company has just gone through a major restructure and employee morale has hit a low. To make it worse, Karen from IT isn’t talking to you after you used her coffee mug. Luckily, we’ve got just the solution in the form of Level Up! Get your team’s competitive streak firing as they go up against the clock to answer questions and score points as quickly as possible. Whether it’s part of your next conference or slotted into a networking session, this high energy activity will get everyone motivated to work together. Once completed, your team will understand the importance of delegation and productivity.

5. The Pitch

Great for: Developing leadership skills and business acumen.

It’s team building but in business class! The Pitch is a highly engaging challenge that is the ultimate test of your team’s entrepreneurial spirit. As well as mastering the art of pitching and presenting, your team will complete a variety of real-world business objectives including product design, sales and marketing. Success Communication and effective delegation are key as teams compete on the scoreboard under the watchful eye of ‘Lord Splenda’.

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