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May 23, 2022

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Chelsea Emerick

"No matter what type of online team building activity you select, we’re sure that Microsoft Teams will provide you with a smooth experience that will help your team connect"

When it comes to running an online event, using a program that you and your team are familiar with can make things much easier. With online games being adapted to Microsoft Teams, virtual team building activities can be a fun addition to a remote meeting or end-of-the-month catch-up that gets your team engaged.

Using Microsoft Teams for Online Games

As online games increase in popularity, many companies have ensured their offering extends to Microsoft Teams. Regardless of whether or not clients are familiar with Microsoft’s online workspace system, Office 365, Microsoft Teams is an approachable choice that provides a simple user-friendly experience. 

Being one of the leading online conferencing platforms, Microsoft Teams is a straightforward option for hosts to use and participants to engage with. Capable of hosting up to 250 people and offering basic functions like screen sharing, Microsoft Teams covers a wide range of needs through a simple and accessible user interface. 

Why Microsoft Teams is Good for Team Building

Given its clear abilities, Microsoft Teams creates a smooth experience for users to connect. Rather than getting delayed by quirks or functionality issues, the simplicity of this platform means that teams can focus on direct communication with one another and be present in the purpose of their online game. 

For activities such as virtual escape rooms and murder mystery events, Microsoft Teams creates an immersive experience. Thrilling gameplay is provided through the platform’s clean and direct user interface, allowing players to feel connected to each other and involved in the challenges presented within the activity. Everyone is working together seamlessly in real-time.

How to Pick the Right Online Event

Explore your team’s interests and don’t be afraid to give people options to choose from. A poll is a fantastic way to gauge what people are interested in playing. Try sharing a diverse selection to choose from. This could mean picking from several different themes like team quizzes, virtual escape rooms, and indoor team building activities

Also factor in the logistics of your event. Some important things to consider ahead of selecting your event:

  • How many people do you expect will participate in this event? 
  • When would be a day that suits everyone best?
  • Is this being added to a standing meeting Or is it a unique event? 
  • Are there people on your team in different time zones you need to accommodate for?

Clarifying these things will help you choose the right online event for you and your team. 

Best Activities for Microsoft Teams

Virtual team building activities that work brilliantly with Microsoft Teams include:

Art Heist

Virtual Escape Room

If your team is seeking an immersive virtual escape room look no further than Art Heist. After being framed for an elaborate art heist you’ve been locked in the top office! With the authorities on the way, you and your team must work together to crack codes and escape before the true culprit runs free. This activity is perfect for Microsoft Teams as it thrives on remote team engagement!

Around the World

Virtual Team Building Activity

Looking to get a bit more culture as a team? Around the World provides an exciting opportunity to travel 40,000 virtual miles together and explore 22 countries, all within Microsoft Teams! With engaging photo and video challenges, you and your team can go from Argentina to New Zealand in a day.

Manor House Murder

Murder Mystery

On the hunt for something a little more suspenseful? Look no further than Manor House Murder. A school reunion has taken a grim turn! It’s up to you and your team to put your detective skills to the test in this murder mystery activity. Filled with thrilling clues and exciting tasks, you’ll have to be quick to catch the killer! Dive into this activity with Microsoft Teams, you’ll find yourself immersed in the narrative of this game seamlessly.

No matter what type of online team building activity you select, we’re sure that Microsoft Teams will provide you with a smooth experience that will help your team connect. Enjoy the benefits of immersive gameplay without the fuss of having to coordinate an in-person event with a virtual escape room on Microsoft Teams today.

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