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Virtual Away Day

The aim of this activity is simple, move your way across the interactive game board and score as many points as possible before you run out of time.

With our app loaded on either a smartphone or tablet device, individuals will join other colleagues as part of a remote team visible to each other via complementing video conferencing software. Teams will be faced with two styles of trivia questions; ‘host led’ or ‘all in’. Fun and fast-paced, decisions as a team need to be made to best answer each question and win maximum points. 

Team strategy is the key to winning this challenge; players must communicate and work with their remote teammates in order to progress. All whilst racing against the ticking clock.

Our Insights
How does it work?

Players all touch on the highlighted tile to activate the same task. The menu bar is available to navigate back to anytime during the live activation by pressing the ‘hamburger’ menu in the top left-hand corner of the screen. A live scoreboard builds momentum.

As each remote team member activates the tile in play they will have the option to join that task. With 2 question types to choose from - 'all-in' and 'host-led' teams must work together to decide on the correct answer or go 'all-in' and answer on their own.


We were very pleased with the activity that Wildgoose brought to us for our annual GTM meeting for Europe. It was a great opportunity for Vans staff to get outside, explore London and spend time together as a team. All our staff had a great time and we would love to work with Wildgoose again!



We took part in the City Explorer Treasure Hunt for our company team building day in Manchester. Across four teams from apprentices to Director the activity was fun, easy to follow and allowed everyone to make a contribution to the points total. I would highly recommend this as a great value for money activity that everyone enjoyed.

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