Newcastle Treasure Hunts

Home to the UK’s Geordie (friendliest) accent, there’s no doubt that Newcastle is the perfect place for your next team Treasure Hunt.

Discover the vibrant and iconic city of Newcastle, where industrial heritage meets a buzzing nightlife, all wrapped up in a warm Geordie embrace! Unleash your inner explorer and delve into the rich history while playing the exhilarating Wildgoose treasure hunt team-building activity. Experience the thrill of collaboration and friendly competition, as you and your colleagues uncover the unique treasures hidden within Newcastle's picturesque landscape.

As you navigate through the city, revel in the charm of the distinctive 'Geordie' dialect and perhaps even find yourself toasting your victories with a pint of the famed Newcastle Brown Ale. Whether you're admiring the magnificent architecture or enjoying the electric atmosphere of the city's popular nightlife, there's never a dull moment in Newcastle.

So why wait? Grab your team and embark on an unforgettable outdoor GPS challenge in Newcastle, where memories are forged, laughter is shared, and adventure awaits. Come, immerse yourself in the unforgettable spirit of the city that will leave you saying, "Why aye, man!"

A compact spot

Filled to the brim with fantastic architecture and artwork, Newcastle’s compact layout makes the city walkable for teams of all sizes.

Explore the nightlife

Newcastle’s nightlife scene is a must-see for any party goer. Incorporate a Treasure Hunt into your night out to get a real feel for the city. Friendly and outgoing, Newcastle is the perfect spot for teams who want a balance of culture and adventure.

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Why Choose Newcastle For Scavenger and Treasure Hunts?

Newcastle’s nightlife is a must for anyone who likes to party, especially pub explorers. Its thriving music scene, galleries, museums, and independent cinema and can be incorporated into a personalised corporate team building day as you find out more about each other and bond as colleagues. A city of hidden gems, not only is it home to a 120-year-old vampire rabbit but its accent has been voted one of the friendliest in the UK. Sculpture and design feature heavily throughout the city, from the scary stone creatures adorning the cathedral, to the Angel of the North, and Newcastle’s many bridges over the River Tyne, which are huge feats of British engineering. The former coal mining conurbation has plenty to explore and is a friendly and outgoing place, making it an ideal spot for a team building challenge.

Become urban explorers using your smartphones to unlock GPS hotspots in different locations around the city, or join a top-secret training mission through the Wildgoose spy school. Working as part of a team, take photos as part of the challenge, and keep them as a memento of your fun-filled day.

Check out some of our favourite spots to explore in Newcastle


Embark on a thrilling Wildgoose treasure hunt team-building activity at the lively and picturesque Quayside Newcastle! Immerse yourself in stunning views of the iconic Tyne Bridge, Gateshead Millennium Bridge, and the Sage Gateshead as you collaborate and bond with your team in this upbeat, engaging adventure. Quayside is a buzzing hotspot brimming with trendy bars, delicious restaurants, and captivating art galleries. Venture to the historic BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art or indulge in a leisurely riverside walk while uncovering hidden gems and unlocking the secrets of this vibrant destination. Our outdoor GPS challenges perfectly blend exploration with collaboration, getting your team up and active while fostering stronger relationships. Quayside Newcastle's beauty, uniqueness, and energetic atmosphere make it the ideal playground for your Wildgoose treasure hunt experience.

Grainger Town

Welcome to Grainger Town Newcastle, the enchanting historic district that beckons you to embark on a thrilling Wildgoose treasure hunt team-building experience! Be captivated by the stunning architecture as you weave through the vibrant streets, unearthing hidden gems within Grainger Market, admiring the imposing Grey's Monument, and applauding the grand Theatre Royal. Let your sense of adventure lead you to quaint independent shops, chic boutiques, tantalizing restaurants, and inviting pubs - all while fostering collaboration and camaraderie among your team. Grainger Town is the ideal stage for our outdoor GPS challenges that bring people together, get you moving, and offer an immersive escape into Newcastle's unique charm. Don't just admire Grainger Town from afar - dive in and unravel its secrets, forging lasting connections with your team as you uncover priceless treasures tucked within its historic beauty. Experience Grainger Town like never before and craft memories that will be talked about for years to come. Are you ready? Let the hunt begin!

Ouseburn Valley

Welcome to the vibrant and bustling Ouseburn Valley in Newcastle, your new go-to destination for the ultimate Wildgoose treasure hunt experience! Discover this thriving cultural quarter, bursting with an electric arts scene, live music venues, trendy bars, and cozy cafes. 🎨 Challenge your teammates and ignite your creativity at the Biscuit Factory, the UK's largest independent commercial art gallery, or delve into history with a captivating trip through the Victoria Tunnel, a preserved 19th-century wagonway that runs beneath the city. Unleash your adventurous spirit and bask in the camaraderie of our outdoor GPS challenges at the enigmatic Ouseburn Valley; it's not just a treasure hunt, but the quintessential playground to promote collaboration and getting to know your fellow explorers! So, what are you waiting for? Dive into Ouseburn Valley and embark on a Wildgoose adventure that will have you buzzing with excitement and lasting memories!

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