The 10 Best Holiday & Christmas Office Party Games For 2022!

November 17, 2022

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Paris Stevens

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"There's so much you can do with your team this Christmas! As we head towards the Winter months, seasonal depression starts to affect your teams, so uplift your teams' spirits this Christmas, & create some Holiday festive cheer!"

Create Fun & Festive Memories With Holiday & Christmas Office Party Games

With Christmas just around the corner, get ready to start creating some festive cheer in the office. The winter season can be a very tough period as the winter blues start to set in. Creating a fun environment for your team is the best way to beat the winter blues! It's also the best way to celebrate the year-end of 2022 whilst thanking your team for all the hard work they've achieved. Whether you host your Christmas party in the office or celebrate virtually, Christmas office games will go hand-in-hand with any festive celebration!

Discover our list of the best Christmas office party games for 2022 & don't worry, you won't find any coal on this list!

1. Holiday Escape Room

What happens when you combine Christmas with escape rooms? You create the perfect Christmas office game! Your team will be sent to the North Pole for this one! You're at Santa's secret workshop, as Santa starts to make his trip around the world to deliver the presents, you notice that he's forgotten his naughty & nice list! This is your teams chance to shine! You'll need to work your way through all the locked doors as well as some fun & challenging brainteasers to escape the runway! Christmas 2022 is in your teams hands, we need to get the naughty & nice list to Santa before he leaves the North Pole! Check out our Holiday Escape.

2. Holiday Office Games

Festive office games have arrived & it's bought some jingle bells with them! This activity is perfect for teams who work in the office & want to host some Christmas fun! You'll need to grab your smartphone to take on some festive, high-energy photo & video challenges! You'll need to get your creative hats on, as each challenge will need your team to get a little bit more creative! It's the perfect Christmas game for boosting collaboration! Check out Christmas Office Games.

3. Christmas Trivia

Christmas add trivia, equals a very fun office game! Grab your sleighs & get ready to test your trivia knowledge. Your team will need to dash through 12 fun & festive brain-teasing trivia rounds. If you love all things Christmas, then it's your time to shine! Make sure you keep an eye out on the clock, as you'll need to answer all questions before the time runs out! Christmas Trivia will get everyone laughing, talking & having some fun! Don't worry, they're no sore losers here! Check out Holiday Trivia.

4. Christmas Scavenger Hunt

A Christmas-themed scavenger hunt, what's not to love? This game will see your team take part in a fun quick-fire scavenger hunt. You'll need to scavenge items from your home or office to come out on top. But you'll also take on some fun & festive video & photo challenges that are bound to create some laughs in the office. This game is perfect for hybrid teams who want to do something unique this Christmas! Check out Holiday Scavenger Hunt.

5. Holiday Around The World Challenge

Are you ready to take your sleighs across the world? Get ready to fly across the world virtually to experience a celebration of cultures across the globe! Your team will need to explore each country using the interactive Christmas map, so get ready to explore Thailand, Spain, South Africa & so much more! This is the perfect inclusive office game to create some fun memories whilst taking on some exciting brainteaser challenges! It gets better, as your team is bound to learn something new! Feeling competitive? Race against the clock to be on the winning team & test your cultural knowledge! Festivities, culture, celebration, traditions & adventure, Christmas Around The World Challenge, has it all!

6. Festive Holiday Explorer

What happens when you wrap a red ribbon around a pub crawl? You end up with the fun office game, Festive Christmas Explorer! There's a slight read-hearing with this game! Although this game can be played in the office, your team will need to venture out into a local destination of your choice to rack up the most points as you try to locate all the GPS hotspots! There will be many fun & festive challenges along the way, with some added Christmas-themed trivia, but more importantly, a few bar stops!

7. Guess What's In The Stocking

This one is very simple. Grab some stockings, grab a few items each, & form a circle. This game is guaranteed to create some office laughs as your team guesses what's in their stocking. To get into the festive spirit, it's definitely worth dressing up on the day & adding some holly jolly Christmas music to go along with it. A few Christmas drinks wouldn't hurt too! We love this game, as it's relatively inexpensive & can also tie into your office secret Santa.

8. The Fancy Dress-Up Competition: Christmas & Holiday Edition

Grab your most ridiculous Christmas outfit & host a fun & festive office competition. There are no sore losers with this game, the most important thing is to get creative with your outfits & encourage your team to participate. This game can be played in the office or in virtual meetings during the Holiday & Christmas season. We suggest that your team gets some prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place to create a real buzz! The best way to win this is to go all out! See this as your catwalk moment & your time to shine!

9. Guess The Christmas & Holiday Film: Emjoi Style

This is another fun & engaging game for Christmas. You'll need to try & guess the title of a Christmas movie, but there's a twist. The player trying to hint to the rest of the group can only use emojis to hint! This is bound to create some high-energy moments within the office, as your team will really need to try & guess the film! No cheating, & no smartphones allowed, you'll need to use 100% of your brain & collaborate with your team to try & guess the name of the Christmas movie. We recommend getting into the festive spirit with some drinks, office decorations & festive costumes! If you need some inspiration, check out The Metros' list of Christmas & holiday emoji movie suggestions.

Last but no means least, we have Christmas Karaoke! It wouldn't be a list of Christmas office party games without the mention of Karaoke! Think you know your team? Host a Karaoke game in the office & you're guaranteed to learn a thing or two about your colleagues! This game is perfect for creating a lighthearted atmosphere within the office or remotely in meetings. We also recommend a few Christmas-themed drinks to go along with this, as well as some Christmas props! Check out Happiness Is Homemade list of Karaoke Christmas & holiday songs.

Christmas Party Office Games FAQs

What are Christmas & holiday office games?

Christmas office games, also known as Christmas & holiday team activities are games that are themed around the holiday season & are designed to create a lighthearted fun environment.

Should we play virtually or in person?

There is no right or wrong option. It's always best to meet up in person, however, if you're working remotely, hosting an office game during the Christmas period will be just as fun! The key is hosting games that your team will love whilst encouraging your team to participate!

What else can we do for Christmas?

Another creative suggestion is the office secret Santa, this is one of the most traditional games! Depending on where your office is, you could always check out the local Christmas markets with your team & enjoy the festivities! Or, will you really push the boat out & try some Carol singing? Need more inspiration? Check out our full list of Holiday team building activities, office games, & indoor team events.

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