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November 10, 2022

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Eugene Alcide

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"You're only as good as your last sale! That's probably a saying that you're familiar with. The dynamics of sales teams & meetings is one of the single most important aspects of your department & how you kick start your sales meeting for the week, is just as important."

Why Are Sales Team Building Activities Important

  • Boost your sales team morale for the week & uplift the department's spirits. A motivated team is much more productive.
  • Get to know your department a little better. Understanding your strengths & weaknesses will help improve your department's cohesion.
  • Improving employee engagement will improve the overall team cohesion of your department & create a good working environment.

Inspire & Motivate Your Team For Your Next Sales Meeting

Behind all great sales teams are the meetings before them. So let's dive straight into the list of our best sales team-building activities for meetings & don't worry, we won't be asking you any questions about your week's pipeline!

1. Kick-Off

This activity is specifically designed for team meetings & will interject some much-needed energy & fun into your sales department. You'll need to complete a series of energy-packed photo & video challenges with your department to complete this activity. This activity is based on being motivational. If your sales meeting takes place 1st thing on a Monday morning, this activity is perfect for kick-starting the sales week, no pun intended! & if that wasn't good enough to convince you, it's completely FREE to play. Check out the kick-off HERE

2. The Pitch

The Pitch is an ideal activity to use as part of sales training & meetings. This activity is based on the popular tv show, The Apprentice. You will need to work as a team to create, develop, market & pitch your ideas for a product to see if you have what it takes to be on the winning team! You'll need to play to your strengths & delegate team roles. Your team will consist of a project manager, design, marketing & finance team. Get ready to hit the studio to design a logo & produce your product. Don't worry, no one is getting fired here. Check out The Pitch HERE.

3. Water Cooler

Have you ever taken part in a water cooler conversation? The Water Cooler icebreaker is the perfect activity for creating some lighthearted fun for sales meetings. Getting to know your team is the perfect way to improve team cohesion & productivity for sales meetings. This activity is perfect for boosting morale through fun social games. This will get your sales department talking, whilst improving relationships & team bonding. Your team will take on 5 speedy rounds, whilst being shuffled around! Check out the Water Cooler HERE.

4. Virtual Escape Rooms

Virtual escape rooms are the perfect way to motivate your sales teams for a productive week. Your sales team will need to work together as they test their problem-solving & collaboration skills. Virtual escape rooms will also bring out the competitive side of your sales department, so it's a great activity to strengthen your department, whilst promoting a bit of healthy competition. This activity can take up to 60 minutes to complete, so it's worth considering a virtual escape room as part of sales training. Check out our festive escape room HERE, which is perfect for the Christmas year-end season & the perfect time to do something different with your sales team.

5. Office Games

Office Games is recommended for sales training & meetings. This activity is a high-energy challenge designed for sales teams that work from the office. You'll need to grab your smartphone to take on photo & video challenges that are super fast-paced. Your department will need to get a bit creative & think outside the box. Office Games promotes healthy competition, as groups play against each other to rack up the most points.

6. The Elevator Pitch

The Elevator Pitch is perfect for sales departments. You're in an elevator with one of your team members & you'll need to try & sell them something! You'll have 60 seconds to pitch your sale before the elevator hits the ground floor. This is perfect for sales training & meetings but also helps your team think on their feet. So grab what you can find in the office, jump in the elevator, & brace yourself for 60 seconds of selling! This activity is bound to create some fun within the office, but will also help your department practice their pitching, persuasive & public speaking skills.

7. Sell Me This Pen

The concept is very simple, grab what you can find in your home or office & sell it to your team. It's a little bit different to the Elevator Pitch. You'll need to sell this object to your whole team, & there will be a question & answer segment. So be ready for some grilling on your sales pitch. This is a great activity to get teams talking, whilst of course practicing those on-the-spot objection-handling skills. If you're a fan of The Wolf of Wall Street, you will appreciate this activity!

8. Sales Motivational Quotes

This is the perfect way to get your sales department motivated. Bring your best sales motivational quotes to your next sales meeting & share 2-3 of your favorite quotes. It doesn't need to be sales focused, it can be any quote. It's the small things that uplift teams & this activity is perfect for kicking off sales training & meetings. If you need some inspiration for your next sales meeting, head over to HubSpot & check out their list of 80 sales motivational quotes. "Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later" OG Mandino

9. Sales Webinars

Sales webinars are the best way to motivate your team. Many webinars are FREE to sign up for & are a great way to train & develop your team. Whether your team is struggling with objection handling, creating urgency for a sale, self-generation, or growing their pipeline, sales webinars can slot into your training & sales meetings seamlessly. We would recommend checking out Gartner for sales webinars & training sessions.

10. Objection Handing Round Table

Objection handling round table is another great activity that you can bring to your next sales meeting. If there's one thing that a sales department will deal with on a day-to-day basis, it's customer objections. In this activity, we would recommend that each person in your sales team should bring at least 2-3 objections that they've had from customers & share them with the team. This allows team members to collaborate on which objections your team is facing, but also provides insight into how different team members would try to overcome them!

If you need more inspiration on how you can add some energy to your sales department, check out our indoor team-building activities & office games. If your sales team works remotely, head over to our virtual team-building activities.

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