Connecting Global Teams Using Multi-City

March 01, 2022

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Chelsea Emerick

"We wholeheartedly believe that using Multi-City as part of our purposeful team activities creates opportunities to build meaningful relationships anywhere. "

Connecting teams has always been part of our core focus at Wildgoose. We were able to adapt to the challenges COVID-19 brought by delivering our activities remotely. Suddenly, connecting global teams not only became completely accessible, but it enhanced our Mult-City option for our activities.

Some of us may work for small organizations that have just opened a second location, others may work for international conglomerates that have offices across the world. Somewhere in the middle ground, we have to consider remote workers, freelancers and teams who have gotten rid of their offices entirely. Regardless of where you sit, there’s no denying that all teams are desperate for connection on a global scale.

While many of us may no longer have offices, we do have each other.

With the power of technology, we’re now able to work and connect from anywhere. This makes it all the more imperative to create a workplace community that supports employees outside of day-to-day agendas and achieving company goals. Finding ways for employees to connect and engage with each other that extend beyond the average surface-level conversation is the perfect way to begin connecting global teams. 

Providing teams with opportunities to enrich their relationships with colleagues is instantly accessible through activities that deliver purposeful outcomes.

Our Team Building Activities are intentionally designed to provide teams of all shapes and sizes with the perfect opportunity to connect and engage. As we’ve finessed the delivery of our activities over the last 17 years, we’ve found comprehensive solutions for minimizing the distance between teams. 

Being an international team ourselves, we see the outstanding value of the Multi-City function in our activities.

Designed to connect teams in real-time across multiple locations, Multi-City supports gameplay between teams in several places at once. See your colleagues in different cities around the world unlock achievements and climb the scoreboard as you battle against each other in a GPS activity of your choice.

Whether you’re traversing the streets of London and New York in Pub Explorer or battling it out between Madrid and Milan in The Ultimate, Multi-City is here to support your team in getting the most out of their Wildgoose experience. 

Teams are briefed via video link by one of our expert virtual event managers and then set off on their GPS adventure in the locations of their choice. No flying to get together, instead, you have carbon neutrality with the benefit of real-time connection on a global scale. 

Multi-City Case Studies

We were fortunate enough to test our Multi-City option with IBM during their  ‘Welcome to IBM” Onboarding Event. Between New York, Sydney and London teams were able to connect in our City Explorer activity that provided measurable results in team engagement. 

Introducing old and new employees through one activity, the IBM team were able to connect and collaborate with one another, regardless of their distance. Implementing their goal of breaking the ice, our activity created a relaxed environment. Whilst using Multi-City, the activity provided opportunities for employees to grow relationships internationally. 

More recently, we had the pleasure of working with JAMPP, a remote-first tech company specializing in mobile app marketing. The client was on the hunt for an end of year team activity that could be played in person across multiple locations.

Using Multi-City with our GPS activity The Ultimate, we were able to deliver a seamless experience for JAMPP’s group of 70 employees across Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Madrid, San Francisco, Sao Paulo and Singapore. Teams shared one scoreboard that encouraged friendly global competition, all whilst exploring their own unique cities. 

See more about JAMPP’s experience!

Ultimately, we wholeheartedly believe that using Multi-City as part of our purposeful team activities creates opportunities to build meaningful relationships anywhere. By removing the challenge of travelling to be together, we’ve found team connection is just as effective through virtual collaboration and play, with even more accessibility. 

As we continue to grow and develop, we are excited to see how our Multi-City option expands. Wildgoose is proud to offer opportunities for teams to interact in exciting and fun ways that strengthen relationships around the key values of their company. 

Learn more about how we can make Multi-City work for you!

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