Fall Activities for Adults

September 19, 2022

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Chelsea Emerick

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"Providing teams with a different context to break the ice or reconnect helps employees understand one another as individuals. Creating strong connections and assisting teams in understanding each person’s unique role and skill set. "

As the end of the year of approaches, workplaces can start to feel the burn. The colder months can weigh on employees, and with the holiday season just around the corner stress levels are on the rise. Boosting morale and focusing on team connection during Fall is essential in uplifting your employees. We’ve collected our best options to help you energize, invigorate and immerse your team in fun team building activities.

Activities for Energizing Teams

As Fall settles in, it can be easy for workplace moods to shift. The cooler weather and loss of daylight can have a profound effect on employees. It’s important to provide connection opportunities for teams to lighten the mood. This could mean a change of location like working offsite or an activity. Invigorating your team with social interaction boosts morale, changing the dynamic in your office.

Activities and interactions that energize teams make a difference. Employees get a balance of work and play. Teams are encouraged to communicate and work in different ways. A great way to energize your team can be through a classic icebreaker. No matter if you’re in person or working remotely, there are plenty of ways to break the ice.

Try an exciting Invigorate game. A snappy activity designed to connect in-person teams, play for up to 45 minutes. A Water Cooler activity is a quick and fun activity that can be played entirely remotely. Get to know your team in up to 30 minutes! Icebreaker Activities are great for incorporating into meetings or events.

Perhaps you’d like to try a shorter version first? Check out a Bitesize Icebreaker activity! It’s a self-led version of our Icebreaker range, which means no host and no cost! Book your free Bitesize Icebreaker here.

Activities for Promoting Strategy

A focus on growth, numbers and output can be draining during this time of the year. Finding ways to motivate teams can be tough when it comes to encouraging strategic development. It’s important to remember to include fun and engagement in the process!

Sharpen your team before the festive season kicks off. A Murder Mystery is a great way to promote strategy within your team. Employees must band together to catch a killer. Perfect for the resident true crime fans in your office! Investigate suspects, examine the evidence, discuss theories and more. Murder Mystery events offer thrilling challenges. 

Another excellent way for teams to connect and build strategy is through Escape Rooms. Teams will be invested in the immersive storylines and augmented reality challenges. Work together to find clues and break codes. Examine surroundings and hunt for important items. Virtual Escape Rooms offer teams a flexible way to play. No matter if you’re in the office or working from home, teams can connect and play. Escape rooms are a strategy-driven option that offers thrills and chills!

Activities for Immersive Fun

If you’re noticing a change in the workplace atmosphere, an immersive activity can be the perfect solution. Teams must focus on a shared objective outside of their roles and duties. Fall is the perfect time to play an immersive activity, with options to suit play indoors and outdoors. Explore your chosen location, connect with your company’s offices across the globe and connect with colleagues.

Immersive activities, like Escape: The Dark Curse, encourage teams to communicate. With augmented reality incorporated into tasks, teams will find their activity to be fun and mystical. Work together to complete challenges. Explore via GPS hotspots and navigate using our award-winning app. It’s an enthralling way to get teams active, energized and united.

Outdoor Escape Rooms use exciting in-person gameplay. Traverse your choice of location as you complete tasks. Used with our Multi-City option, teams can compete on a worldwide scale. See how your global offices stack up during the challenge. It’s a fantastic way to promote office vs office competition! Make the most of a bright Fall Day as you and your team follow your feet to victory in an immersive activity. It’s the perfect way to break up the monotony of the workday and build relationships within teams.

Team activities are the ultimate way to reconnect with your employees. Incorporating activities into your agenda yield fantastic outcomes. Challenges do more than just facilitate connection during an activity. They create memories and help employees to build meaningful relationships. Providing teams with a different context to break the ice or reconnect helps employees understand one another as individuals. Creating strong connections and assisting teams in understanding each person’s unique role and skill set. 

No matter how you choose to connect your team, an activity is a surefire way to change the dynamic in your workplace. Expand workplace relationships and reconnect with your team this Fall. It’s the perfect opportunity to energize and invest in your team!

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