Florida St. Petersburg

Florida St. Petersburg Scavenger Hunts

Filled with over 2000 acres of park, let the ‘Burg become your playground for the day as you take on our unique interactive St Petersburg scavenger hunt in Florida.

This Guinness World Record holding, Russian inspired ‘Sunshine City’ is the perfect location for a team activity. Your team will have to search beyond the parks and sunshine of this intriguing city as you discover the history of a Native American Temple Mound and uncover the madness of the ‘Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay’.

Teams will track down and unlock challenges located across St Petersburg encouraging communication, problem solving, time management & leadership skills. There is something for everyone from multi-choice to against the clock, testing general knowledge and intellect to hilarious photo and video challenges encouraging creativity and providing a great way to get to know team members better. With a live scoreboard updating throughout the event you and your co-workers will be kept on their toes throughout the most competitive and unique scavenger hunt available in Florida.

Wildgoose Events are proud to offer you the flexibility of either a ‘fully managed’ event which includes the use of our iPads and event staff, or a ‘self managed’ activity where teams will use their own tablet or smartphone.

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