Wet Weather Guarantee

Don't let a rainy day dampen your outdoor team building activity! If inclement weather is forecast for your event, our Wet Weather Guarantee allows you to switch to our indoor Level Up activity at no extra cost.* In the event of sudden weather changes during your event, our Remote Hosts can unlock indoor tasks so you can continue your activity whilst taking shelter from the elements!

*Venue permitting, excludes self-managed. Minimum 24 hours notice required.

Benefits of our Wet Weather Guarantee

What happens if it rains on the day of our team building event?

The great outdoors – what’s not to love? Our outdoor team building activities can be played all year round - even in the rain. However, we understand that some teams may want to take shelter from cold or wet conditions - that's where our Wet Weather Guarantee can help! Should the 'heavens open' or your event be disrupted by sudden weather changes, our Remote Hosts can unlock 'Head Inside Tasks' so you can continue your activity in an indoor space of your choice!

Wet Weather Guarantee FAQ's

How do I contact you to switch my event to an indoor activity?

What is Level Up?

What are 'Head Inside Tasks'?

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