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Looking for a quick and simple activity to energize your team? Our snappy and adaptive range of Bitesize activities are designed to boost morale and spark conversation. Lasting only 15-30 minutes, these small interactive games are perfect for team meetings, icebreakers or socials, and cover a range of objectives that help bring engagement and fun to your workday. Book and play instantly for free - no need for a game host!

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Benefits of our Free Team Activities

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Best Free Team Building Games & Icebreakers

Our exciting range of free activities helps teams bond. Get everyone together and break up the workday. These snappy online activities offer a short burst of connection for teams. Discover plenty of ways to strengthen your team through engaging Bitesize challenges.

Get to know each other with our exciting Icebreakers activity. Ideal for teams who are new to each other, or even reconnecting with your colleagues. Energize your team with Kick Off. An exciting way to spark some fun during your work day. Offer your team a moment to reflect with Mindfulness. A calm activity that focuses on balance and healthy workplace habits. Perfect for in-person and virtual teams alike! There’s something to suit everyone with our exciting Bitesize activities.



Our Bitesize Mindfulness activity is perfect for creating a sense of calm within your team and encouraging your co-workers to develop healthy workplace habits.

Fourth of July

Celebrate all things Independence Day with our snappy Fourth of July activity! Designed to spark energy in your team, this activity is a real firecracker!



Connect with your co-workers (new and current) in our Bitesize Networking activity. Packed with a variety of fun, social questions to help you learn more about your team, their roles and their ambitions!

Kick Off


Our Bitesize Kick Off challenge is designed to motivate and inspire your team. This engaging activity will inject some energy into your meeting or work day using a variety of fun photo and video challenges!



Connect with your team and others in your organization with our exciting Bitesize Icebreakers activity. Perfect for new and existing employees who want to get talking, connecting and having fun!

Virtual Happy Hour


Packed with plenty of trivia and photo and video challenges, our Bitesize Virtual Happy Hour activity is perfect for an end of week social or getting your team together for a chance to connect.

Why play our Free Team Building Activities?

Our Bitesize activities are a free and flexible way to connect with your team in short bursts. They’re designed to engage and support employees through targeted objectives. With trivia and fun photo and video challenges, teams will enjoy an uplifting experience that can help foster communication and relationship building ahead of an upcoming meeting or event.

Keep your team engaged during any occasion. Large or small, it doesn’t matter! Our range of free team building activities are made to fit in with you. Kick-start meetings with a twist, our Bitesize activities are the perfect addition to your agenda. Hosting your team in creative ways has a great impact on team morale. Engaging all levels of staff is a fantastic way to motivate teams. Connect your colleagues with a snappy activity that energizes teams!

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